Tuesday, 28 February 2012

More smiles , Less tears

Assalamualaikum :)

Guys , Happy-Tuesday !
Seriously i cant relli wait for tomorrow because tomorrow iz Wordless Wednesday haha
So i dont have to make me myself pening untuk fkir what im gonna post on tomorrow
I already have a picture of mine for tomorrow Wordless-Wednesday . Lol

K , now i can proudly say that i've watched Ombak Rindu !! Yeaahhhhhhhh !! :D

Too late right ? I knowwwwwwwww -.-' But atleast i was watching it thou ! 
My mom bought diz CD when she went to KL with the rest last 2 weeks if not be mistaken lah .
I watched it alone :P Mengelat sgtsgt because i know if i watch it with my family , it will be such a big problem as i know that  i'd cry like baby-needs-his-milk ! Haha 

I wont give any complents , either compliments but i just can rate the movie - 8/10 ! Oh-yeah :)
Btw , anyone here who have already watching Azura ? How was it ?
I dont know what is wrong with me but i think it is a big okay if i dont watch that movie . 
Its not like Ombak Rindu . I felt in other way for Ombak Rindu . Maybe because of Izzah ? Eh ? :p

There's a quite big numb of people told me that i relli look like Maya Karin .
But i told em back that actually Maya Karin is look like me . Its not me the one yg muka mcm Maya Karin okay ? Note that ! :P Because its me who wears tudung first then it followed by her in OR . So yeah 
Haha for me , me and maya karin have a big differences . Esp our muka ok ? Tk sama lgsg . 

I text-ed my friends on the time im watching OR . And our conversations went like this -

Me : Babe , i feel like wanna cry now
Bff : Why ???
Me : This Ombak Rindu iz sooo sad ! And i cant hold this feelings anymore ! :'(
Bff : Screw you ! Its just a film la tolol . Y u have to cry ?
Me : Screw you back ! Its freaking sad okay ?
Bff : Babe you're damn funny :D
Me : Why ? -.-
Bff : Dont you realized that you're actually watching you yourself in that movie ? Hahaha
Me : Err ?
Bff : Lembap ! Izzah kan muka mcm kau ! Haha
Me : Ohh haha yeah but i think im way prettier than her :PP
Bff : Faints*

Haha well , nuff said babe :p Im just giving you the fact but its your problem because you cant accept it :P

Last night , i was transforming my room . Oh-yeah . 
Now i feel so senang when i get into my room than before
Previously , i feel so bored with my own room . There's nothing that so eye-catchy in my room .
So last night i decided to transform my room and atleast paste something on the wall
And now its aroud 30% done . Got 70% more . And yeah i'm blank already .

Haha dont you think that im such a creative person ?
I took this flower badge lepastu tepek dkt dinding ! Haha and they look so cool on it okay !
You guys shud try it too :P Atleast your room tkdela nampak mcm stor sgt w/out anything on the wall kn ? :P

Ofcourse , my tagline tkboleh dilupakn !
Tepek jgk ! Haha my lil sis keep praising me due to my room's transformation haha
Thanks alyaa . I know my room is getting cool and ohsem loike me . Lol :P
Anyone ada idea nk tambah apa lg dkt my room ? Gajah ? Unta ? Lol :P

Muka puas hati bilik lawa , dapat tgk ombak rindu ! Huehue :PP 

p/s : menangis mata rabak tgk OR haha


PotiaCasaDelarossa said...

si la gente guapa, por la cara coño de alguna manera se ve bien .. impresionante .

Amely Afandi said...

@PotiaCasaDelarossahahaha apakah?