Friday, 3 February 2012

Marriage & Kids ? Eh ?

Hi , My name is Amely . Im 18 . 
And now im going to talk about marriage !
Ohhh no ! Im only 18 dudes ! *pokerface*

K , today's topic for sho' wouldnt be a hot / eye-catching one .
I mean , i bet not everyone is gonna read this entry till the end .
If this entry hanya membosankan you guys , im sorry . 
But dont you think that this topic is quite interesting as it was written by meself , a girl who is only 18 ;p
And she's going to talk about marriage , kids and whatsoeva .

Dont you think that a girl , yg baru berumur 18 tahun , sgt sesuai utk discuss about these kind of thingy ?
No right ? But dont get me wrong guys . I just wanna share what I've been through for these few months .
As imma getting older , eceh tua keew ? Im 18 ohkeyy ? Not 17 anymore ;p
K , continued...

As imma getting older ,
I've be friended w a few guys aged 20 and above . Woho .
To be frank , be friended w the guys aged 20 and above is a new experience fer me , for sho' .
Yeah , when i was 17 , i just be friended w the guys who aged just around me 
Now , im growing up and ofcourse , i've to make up my minds too . 
I cant think like an immatured one - as i used to be before eventhough now i know im still not matured enough *Lolled*

But , its kinda weird when i was talking w any guys , aged 20 and above , and they started to ask me about my plans , wht im gonna do in my future and so i told them that i wanna be a great lawyer , i wanna bring my parents to Capetown for a vacation , wanna buy them a velii big house and car . 
I might can say that , they gawked when they heard that from me . 
And some of 'em said , "hey im proud of you . Its hard to find girls like you nowadays" etc etc etc...
I dont know if that is a compliment for me or just a "bodek" . I dnt even give a shit about that .

And just now , i was IM-ing w this guy . 
He such a nice guy and well-educated one too .
Before this , he studied at uiam , if not be mistaken , for his diploma . Then he continued his studies at somewhere in Aussie . K , i do proud of him . Do relli relli proud of him .
Now , he's working at somewhere i dont even know where because i'd never thought to ask where he works , what he does and blablabla at all . 
He buzzed me with "hello" and i replied hello too .
Oh-yeah , this is not our 1st conversations actually . We've been IM-ed together for a few times .
To be frank , i do feel so comfortable w him . He's just nice . And I never think out of the box as i just like anggap dia as my own brother lah =p 

And the best part about him is even i just replied w the only letter K . 
He still keep on questioning me like gila byk soalan and its obviously because he wanna keep the conversations alive . Good job brother =) Hehe .
Suddenly , during the conversations just now lah , he gave me a link . And i took a look on that .
He gave me this video ! 

You guys have to watch this video smpai hbs okay then baru sambung baca ! Hehe 

K dah hbs ? Now boleh sambung .
Hamagad ! Dont you think that the baby is too cute ? Hamagad . Faints*
I dont even know is the baby is a boy/girl but that baby is too cute . 
Tapi dia menyanyi dgn sangatla penuh perasaan !
I laugh my ass out masa tgk vid ni . And the part yg dia jatuh is too epic !
Look at the baby face , s/he likes 'omg im about to falling down. ohh-nooooooooooooo . kebabom!'
Hahaha . S/he is so chubby and when dia jatuh , its like nangka yg dh masak jatuh k ? :p
But s/he is extremely fun & cute & i love this baby ! Haha

Then afta watched this vid smpai hbs , i IM-ed this guy back .
And i screamo out my lungs and told him ;

Hamagad , i want this baby ! I want this baby ! This baby is so cute ! Cute like me !! Hehe =p

Then suddenly this guy was like - *laugh* I want this baby too . We got the same taste .
And i was like - Hahah yeapp *pokerface*

And the conversations continued...

Him - Hey ada tk org kata muka you mcm Maya Karin ?
Me - Yes , ada . Ramai . Why ?
Him - Sebab memang sama pun . Cantik
Me - #$%^&% *padahal dlm hati suka girang riang hati tk terkata*
Him - Betul la kn ?
Me - Tk lgsg
Him - Bersyukurlah sebab you cantik .
Me - K.......................................................................

Then he suddenly asked me about marriage .
He asked me what if he wanna propose me as his wife ?
Kebabo ! Wife k ? Wife ? W-I-F-E !
And he wanted to get a kid yg sihat-chubby-so healty like the baby in that video w me ? Gawk*
And i was mumbling , yadayadayadayadayada . 
We laughed the ass out smpai i have to turun bawah utk carik air due to the level of kedahagaan tetiba rising like hareemm . 
And the last point that given by me to him is - 

Hello , im just 18 . And you're 20 something . Im pretty sure that you can find someone who is much much much better than me =) Plus dont you think that its funnayyyy ? Im just 18  *even i know age is just a number . eceh =p*

And he sadly said - yeah i know . plus nanti dkt uia msti ramai lg lelaki yg hebat hebat .
And i tried to relieve him w my words - Ala lelaki yg belajr dkt overseas lg hebat hehe =p (as he used to study at Aussie once upon a time)

What im going to share w you guys here ,
As we're getting older , we're going to meet a bunch of diff people in the same time .
The one who is so hot but there's no one wanted to be w them .
Or maybe the one who is well-educated but still cant find for someone who can be his/her life-partner .
Nowadays , people are more focus on how to find the money , money , money and the young ones is too busy with their "cinta-monyet" yg tk ke mana tu (Certain of it) . Everyone seems veli busy w money sampai lupa nak kahwin . Aik ? =p
Or maybe , people nowadays are too choosy && fussy ? Allahu'alam .

But for those friends outta there , yg baru berumur 17-18 like me . 19 ? Eh ? =p
Dont too much thinking about marriage , kids and yadayadayada .
I know & i admit that umur mcm kita ni ofcourse full w fantasy 
We want this , want that , want this , want that . But afterwards , kita akn realise which one is better for us , for our future . Talking about marriage at our ages is not wrong but too much thinking about marriage and have many kids is a big no-no ok ?
Experiences is the best teacher ever . So , if you guys just saja wanna try and get some experiences by be friended w anybody yg older than us , is okay , but think something that beyond from our limit is a no-no guys

pstt ; this entry kinda long but i still enjoyed it ! 


reen afny said...

aceh... akak baca sampai habes oohkayy ;)

betul ke anggap macam bro ni?? lalalala *pokerface

betul tu. masa akak baya amy pun akak hanya kawan dengan orang yang sama baya je. but then, umur makin meningkat ni rasa macam bergaul dengan semua peringkat umur pun masih boleh consider sebap kita akan dapat macam2 experience yang dorang share ;)

btw, do keep dreaming cos that making us to feel alive dear...

Amely Afandi said...

@reen afnypergh akak terbaik :p hehe . btl la mcm abg je :p pokerface* hahahaha . kn ? tu yg best tu tp part ckp psl kahwin plg tk best kak =/

reen afny said...

hakhak biasa la age around amy memang tak pikir lagi pasal tu. tunggu umur amy cecah 20 tahun dan ke atas. people keep asking about marriage je. kau bila nak kawen?? blablabla~~ seriously memang kena mengadap jugak.. haha

Amely Afandi said...

@reen afnyhahah then akak bila mau kahwin ? :p

reen afny said...

hakhak... takde calon lagi. kumpul aset dulu baru pikir kawen. kahkah ;p

Amely Afandi said...

@reen afnyhehe baguih2