Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

More smiles , Less tears

Assalamualaikum :)

Guys , Happy-Tuesday !
Seriously i cant relli wait for tomorrow because tomorrow iz Wordless Wednesday haha
So i dont have to make me myself pening untuk fkir what im gonna post on tomorrow
I already have a picture of mine for tomorrow Wordless-Wednesday . Lol

K , now i can proudly say that i've watched Ombak Rindu !! Yeaahhhhhhhh !! :D

Too late right ? I knowwwwwwwww -.-' But atleast i was watching it thou ! 
My mom bought diz CD when she went to KL with the rest last 2 weeks if not be mistaken lah .
I watched it alone :P Mengelat sgtsgt because i know if i watch it with my family , it will be such a big problem as i know that  i'd cry like baby-needs-his-milk ! Haha 

I wont give any complents , either compliments but i just can rate the movie - 8/10 ! Oh-yeah :)
Btw , anyone here who have already watching Azura ? How was it ?
I dont know what is wrong with me but i think it is a big okay if i dont watch that movie . 
Its not like Ombak Rindu . I felt in other way for Ombak Rindu . Maybe because of Izzah ? Eh ? :p

There's a quite big numb of people told me that i relli look like Maya Karin .
But i told em back that actually Maya Karin is look like me . Its not me the one yg muka mcm Maya Karin okay ? Note that ! :P Because its me who wears tudung first then it followed by her in OR . So yeah 
Haha for me , me and maya karin have a big differences . Esp our muka ok ? Tk sama lgsg . 

I text-ed my friends on the time im watching OR . And our conversations went like this -

Me : Babe , i feel like wanna cry now
Bff : Why ???
Me : This Ombak Rindu iz sooo sad ! And i cant hold this feelings anymore ! :'(
Bff : Screw you ! Its just a film la tolol . Y u have to cry ?
Me : Screw you back ! Its freaking sad okay ?
Bff : Babe you're damn funny :D
Me : Why ? -.-
Bff : Dont you realized that you're actually watching you yourself in that movie ? Hahaha
Me : Err ?
Bff : Lembap ! Izzah kan muka mcm kau ! Haha
Me : Ohh haha yeah but i think im way prettier than her :PP
Bff : Faints*

Haha well , nuff said babe :p Im just giving you the fact but its your problem because you cant accept it :P

Last night , i was transforming my room . Oh-yeah . 
Now i feel so senang when i get into my room than before
Previously , i feel so bored with my own room . There's nothing that so eye-catchy in my room .
So last night i decided to transform my room and atleast paste something on the wall
And now its aroud 30% done . Got 70% more . And yeah i'm blank already .

Haha dont you think that im such a creative person ?
I took this flower badge lepastu tepek dkt dinding ! Haha and they look so cool on it okay !
You guys shud try it too :P Atleast your room tkdela nampak mcm stor sgt w/out anything on the wall kn ? :P

Ofcourse , my tagline tkboleh dilupakn !
Tepek jgk ! Haha my lil sis keep praising me due to my room's transformation haha
Thanks alyaa . I know my room is getting cool and ohsem loike me . Lol :P
Anyone ada idea nk tambah apa lg dkt my room ? Gajah ? Unta ? Lol :P

Muka puas hati bilik lawa , dapat tgk ombak rindu ! Huehue :PP 

p/s : menangis mata rabak tgk OR haha

Monday, 27 February 2012

Live with passion!

Assalamualaikum ! :)

Halo guys . I just realized that i didnt update anything in my blogs for almost 2 days
Just busy-ing myself for 'something' . Yes 'something' , not 'someone' .
There's a few buddies outta there noticed that i was rarely online for the last couple of days
Yeah , a bit busy . Even people can see that i'm 24/7 online nowadays bt it doesnt mean that i'm always infront of the lappy . Nope . Sometimes i just online all my social networking acc and left it on my bed and i do something else . Well , a very typical teenanger right ? Lol

To be frank , I cant relli wait for my spm's result . Bt in the same time , im still feel kinda scared thou . 
The eager to know what my result is rising all of sudden after i met someone who shares alot of same interest with me . And the best part is , she wanna be a lawyer  and wanna studies in IIUM too . 
You knw what guys , there's nothing i wanna do right now except chasing my passions , my goals to be a very great and respected lawyer . I wanna be the 1st lawyer in my family .
I wanna show to the world that i can be 'someone' too .

I wanna be a lawyer and a great one not solely just to get a 'name' .
Instead of chasing the popularity and fame , I'd like to tell you guys that i wanna be a lawyer because that's my passion . I'm a girl who lives with passion and to be a lawyer is my passion
I wanna make my parents proud of me . Yes , i really wanna do that .
I'm pretty sure that i can give a huge of impact to anyone that always talk bad about me and ofcourse my family . Having so much haters in this world is normal , but hate them back is so abnormal . Noted .

I've just exploring the IIUM's official website and ofcourse , my mind cant stop from asking me to get an additional information about the Law . 
So , Laws (Foundation) has it owns requirement . Just print-screen-ed it . 

Hati manyak senang melihat the requirements that needed . 
InsyAllah , ada rezeki dapat jugak amely jejakkn kaki dkt IIUM , Petaling Jaya
InsyAllah . Amin

What i'm hoping right now is , i can fulfill my dreams to continue my study there in the Kuliah of Law . InsyAllah . Amin . I didnt put such a towering hopes on that but deep in my heart in really wanna continue my study there and be a very great one . I mean lawyer . 

I will keep praying to Allah swt that He'd fulfill my dreams in soon further . InsyAllah . Amin

p/s : kalau tkde rezeki utk buat Law , mungkin ada rezeki utk buat lain . Sebaik-baik perancangan adalah rancangan Allah swt

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Dress-up ikut hati mati


Pernah tak korang pergi mana-mana and suddenly rasa malu / bengang / whatsoever lah sebab korang mcm perasan yg korang dress-up macam tk kena dgn situasi ???

Nak pergi pasar malam , semangat capai tu capai ni bt bila dah sampai rasa mcm berat je nk turun sbb baru perasan yang diri dress-up-berlagak-macam-ala-ala-diva ? Amagad ! Nooooo ! *jerit-sambil-kelip-kelip-mata*

So today's topic we're going to discuss about this lah kn .
Macam mana nk dress-up dgn sebetul-betulnya !
Mcm amely , sgt pentingkn kekemasan . Seriously .
Kalau nk keluar dinner or anywhere dgn family , amely plg lambat *jeling*
Sape yg jenis tk kisah keluar cikai-cikai tu okayla bt me , tkboleh .
Nk keluar mesti kena mcm nk kena kemas btl-btl and dh rasa mcm confident menebal baru jalan
Kalau tk mesti depan cermin lagi sampai-mami-abah-jerit-dari-bawah ! Zaasssss -.-

K , this one . 
Biasanya , kebiasaannya lah org akn pakai mcmni time ke tmpt yg simple-simple je
Maybe utk jangka masa yg singkat contoh mcm pergi err pasar malam / keluar lepak mamak sekejap
Mcm ni i guess dah cukup okay 
We dont have to wear long skirts semua , blink-blink bangles and blouse .
Just make it simple bt still nice thou . Kn ?
Kalau tk , pakai mcm nk pergi majlis apa-apa yg big event tp sebenarnya nk pergi 
pasar malam je . 
Tak ke orang akn pandang kita macam alien-berkepala-biru ?  Erk :o

What will be in yr mind bila korang nmpk ada aweks yang dress-up mcm ni nak ke pasar ?
Erk msti pelik kn ?
Even kita boleh ckp "eh suka hati aku lah . Duit aku , barang aku"
Tapi boleh ke jawapan kita tu nk mcm cover malu kita kn ?
Dress-up biar kena dgn situasi kn ?
Kalau nk dress-up mcmni nk ke tmpt biasa je , amagad !
Mmg korang harus bersiap sedia sblm dipandang smcm oleh org ramai
Nk jd popular sekejap bole la try :p

If dress-up mcmni , amely lg prefer kalau time-time kita nk pergi jalan-jalan 
utk jangka yg panjang tp tk smpai 2 3 hari .
Contoh bila kita nk ke Singapore or mana-mana lah utk 1 hari je .
Pg masuk mlm balik , pakaian mcm ni dah memadai :)
Tkkn nk pakai dress ? Hihi

Yg ni trend kaum Hawa dress up
Simple , nice and very eye-catchy
For those yg dh biasa dgn maxi-dress kira okayla sbb fr me , dgn maxi-dress kita boleh 
pakai pergi mana-mana je
Bt pasar malam fr me , tk kot
Kalau mcmni nk pergi outing/dating/shopping boleh lah
Sangatlah sesuai :))

This one boleh pakai utk birthday party/girls party/farewell party or any parties
Or maybe boleh pakai ni for any events / fashion show kn ?
Or ada anyone kt sini pakai mcmni time pergi rumah mak sedara kt sebelah rumah je ? :p
Kalau nk ke wedding pun okay kn , so korang boleh pakai that long skirts and belts sekali kn ?

Skrg , fashion utk muslimah menaik menaik menaik non-stop !!
So skrg korang just pick pick pick and pick je mana korang nk pakai

Tapi sangat menjadi masalah bila ,
ada orang dia dress-up mengikut hati/nafsu tanpa ikut situation or events
Dont you feel awkward when korang pergi ke tmpt yg sgt 'biasa' bt dress-up dgn sgt 'luar-biasa' ?

Or maybe ,

Korang pernah nampak org mcmni depan mata korang ?
Dress-up bagai nak rak tp maunya ke kedai biasa je ?
Kalau nmpk mcmtu apa korang buat ?
Kalau amely mesti amely tenung dia lama lama sambil buat muka pink panther tanda protes 
sampai org tu bangun / lari untuk balik sebab malu ;p Muhehe

Korang boleh pakai ikut suka korang sbb barang korang kn
tp in the same time kita kenala pandai match kn situasi dgn pakaian yg kita pakai kn kn kn :))
Just saying...............

p/s : gmbr huduh sgt ka ?-.-

Friday, 24 February 2012

Tips to be 'somebody' in a blink of eye


K , halo halo guys ! 
Another tips from me :D Bt i bet this one org lg nk baca
Lg-lg yang gila glamour kannn ? *suara-ala-ala-azwan-ali*

So , ni amely nk kasi some tips la for those yg nk sgt jd famous and 'somebody' tu kan ?
Amely ni 'nobody' but gatai nk kongsi tips mcm mana nk jd 'somebody' dalam masa yg sgt sekejap . Muehehe

1st - Pos status 'melampau' dekat facebook/twitter . 

The best way - update yr any 'hot-and-over' status atau tweet

Contoh -

Kita baru lepas accident dengan beca pak abu :( TOLONG LIKE YE :(

Kau dah accident then kau nk org like ? Takpun kau IM sorang-sorng
kau suruh dorng like status kau sampai beriban org like status kau . 
Takpun suruh org RT tweet kau tu sape boleh jd trending #BecaPakAbu . Okay ? :D

2nd - Post gmbr seksa melampau dkt social network

This one is usually dibuat oleh kaum wanita
Utk mendapat perhatian yg sepantas kilat , dorng akn guna cara meletakkn gmbr
yg hmpr boleh menjatuhkn ke-iman-an lelaki

Biasanya kalau dah letak gmbr mcmni , 'likes' mmg confirm beriban wa ckp lu
Nk try ? Tryla kalau tk takut azab api neraka .
Nauzubillah .

3rd - Berkawan dengan 'Retis'

Try to connect w some artist yg sgt top mcm Neelofa ke Izara ke ,
Dato CT maybe ? Err err
Takpun artis ciput ciput pun boleh , asalkan ada 'tittle' artis
Lepas tu korang try gembar-gemburkn yg korang berkawan dgn artis tu artis ni
padahal pada hakikatnya

4th - Publisiti Murahan

Yg ni plg biasa org buat kn
Publisiti murahan
One of the fastest medium that can be used to be 'somebody' dalam masa yg singkt
Tryla buat 

Skrg , sesetengah manusia skrg nk kejar famous
I dont know why bt maybe bg dorng famous tu best , happening
Ramai org kenal padahal hakikat dia -
Makin ramai org kenal kita , Makin sesak hidup kita

Bila kita ni jd someone yg org kenal ,
Apa yg kita buat org akn perhati . Kau sanggup ke 24/7 org nk perhati kau macam
kau-makhluk-asing-yang-berkepala-biru ??
Sanggup ? I bet not right ?

I think tk perlu la sampai nk sgt jd famous sampai nk ambk gmbr seksi meksi ,
nak paksa org like status ke apa ke , kau ingt ni zaman Tom Anderson ???

Be simple la because simple is awesome :D
Yeay !

p/s : Tahniah Yusry and Lisa Surihani :)

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Terms of Couple


Today , i'm going to introduce to you guys , certain terms baru dalam couple-couple ni 
Kalau suka tengok , tak suka pun tengok
So korang boleh fkir mana satu situasi korang okay ?

Contoh 1 -

Ni kita panggil 
"Suka sebab rupa"
Biasa en couple mcmni tk lama woo
Sebulan 2 bole la tahan . Bangga kan ada partner cun / handsome
Heret sana sini . Kalau boleh kt facebook tu hari-hari kau nak post gmbr dia en ?
Bila ada like / comment ckp suka mula la hidung kau kembang semangkuk sup ayam

Contoh 2 - 

Ni kita panggil 
"Hati sama merah , rambut lain-lain"
Kau dah suka dia , dia dah suka kau .
Tapi jd yg problem dia bila kau terfikir fkir dia suka kau ke tk ?
Apa salahnya kau pergi tnya tak pun paksa je dia cakap yg dia suka kau jugak even time tu dia tgh sdp menikmati-cendol-pak-abu-sampai-tersedak-sebab-terkezutttt !!

Contoh 3 -

Ni orang panggil 
"Bertepuk satu jari"
Sebenarnya situasi ni paling bahaya tahap max
Kita suka dia and kita rasa mcm dia pun suka kita tapi hakikatnya !!

Korang tak malu ke bila korang dah suka dia bagai nak rak buku-buku teks ttp hakikat dia akhirnya korang tau dia ada nama nama gelaran dkt korang seperti -

Muka tayar beca
Muka tapir terbang
Muka mangkuk jamban
Muka jalan raya rosak 

Fikir fikir kan lah............... Hahahah *gelak bunyik hik hok*

Contoh 4 - 

Ni orang panggil 
"Malu-malu iguana"
Masing masing dah tau masing masing suka sama suka
Tapi masing masing fikir 3 4 5 5 6 2 kali nk ckp ke tknk
Berjanggut menunggu :/

Habis ni sape nk confess dlu ni ?
Ke nak lat-tali-tamplung dulu ?
Kalau korang dalam situasi mcmni amely nasihatkn confess lah 
sblm ada org confess kn utk korang :|

Contoh 5 - 

Ni orang pnggil 
"Cinta JB dan SG"
Haha apakah ?
JB stands for Justin Bieber , SG stands for Selena Gomez :p
Muahahahaha *gelak sambil poco-poco*

Ni org kata bercinta sakan lah
I love you , you love me
Haa kira macam tu lah . Tkde love bug love bug dah
Ni love tahap elephant dah :P Anda macam ni kah ? :P

Contoh 6 - 

Muka muslim ahmad serious sbb terpesona bila tgk amely
muahahahaha *gelak-sambil-menangis-terharu*

Ni org pnggil 
"cinta sejati-forever till jannah"
Amely sarankan korang ikut mcmni . Bercinta lps kahwin
InsyAllah kekal :)

Contohilah Muslim Ahmad , pemain bola sepak kebangsaan yg td baru kalah 4-0 dengan Jepun , yg jatuh cinta sama Amely Afandi ketika dia melihat Amely Afandi sedang makan lolipop di atas kerusi stadium sambil senyum senyum dkt makcik cleaner ni . *bajet-baik-habis*

Lantaran itu , ohmakkk ayat bahasa baku habis 
Hahahaha *gelak sambil minum air sirap cap ibu dan anak*
Lantaran itu tanpa berfikir panjang , Muslim Ahmad terus berfikir untk masuk meminang
si Amely Afandi dan mereka bercinta lepas kahwin
Dan mempunyai anak 18 org yg semuanya adalah pemain bola sepak
Dan mereka bahagia selama-lamanya ...............

Muka bahagia dengan Muslim Ahmad
Ada wajah seri pengantin baru tk ??? :P
Peace yo :D

p/s : ada org marah dkt Muslim Ahmad tk ? Muaahaha :p

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

More Glam Accesories that need their owners !

Assalamualaikum ! :)

K , yesterday I'd posted about the bangles .
Very glam bangles . Glam-like-me . Muahahaha *gelak sambil tutup mulut*
So today , i've more for you guys .
No more bangles k . 
But this time , amely upload necklaces yang dijual .

Before that , let me show you guys something which is NOT NECKLACE . Alert that .

K this one is dokoh :)
If you guys wanna know more about dokoh , you guys can just google about it
Mr Google knows dokoh much better than me :p

If dkt mana mana kebiasaanya dokoh dijual dalam harga RM110
But thiz time only for 70bucks . Sgt murah , i know .

Thiz iz stone necklace :)
Lawa kan ?
Those anyone yg freehair mmg lawa la pakai stone necklace ni
Yg pakai tudung pun okay sbb thiz necklace agak labuh :)

RM 30

Vintage Pendant

RM 12 each

These sangat sesuai for both - pakai hijab / freehair
Ni Vintage Long Necklace :)


Sangat murah . Yes :)

So anyone yg berminat , you girls can leave your comments here
Nk suruh reserved kan pun boleh :)
Bt still ada limit 
Serious buyers je akn dilayan
Setakat nak main-main tkperlu la kot :)
Orang nak berniaga kn ?
Peace !

p/s : dejavu or devaju ?

Monday, 20 February 2012

Hot-Hit-Glam Accessories for you !


Okay , as what i promised yesterday that i'm going to make an entry specially untuk accessories !
Nak kata mcm direct selling tk jugak sebab ni thru blog . Lol
Kira some sort like blogshop pun can do lah ! ;)

Diz one i got from Sis Nadya Azman !
It iz so so glam y'know =)
Even its red in colour bt it still okayy
Yalah , people more prefer on black than red kan sebab can match w any colours of the dresses , hijab , handbag or maybe the heels and whatsoever :)

Guess , how much the bangle is ?
Sangat murah k if you girls beli thru sis Nadya
If you girls pergi dkt The Curve harga dia rm90 okay ?
Tu dah kira fixed price lah . 
But if you girls buy this thru sis Nadya , harga dia just rm45
Half from the prices yg dijual dkt The Curve :)

K diz one yg mcm amely dpt .
Perghh look so-glam-and-hot . Seriously 
Even letak dkt tangan je pun kn ? :)

This is Pearl Bangles :)
The price is RM 45


Selain drpd Pearl Bangles ni , ada lgi collection lain yg dijual ok ?

Okay this one is Dazzling Bangles :)

If you girls beli 1 the price is RM 60
But if you girls beli 2 terus so hrga dia jadi RM110 :)
Its cheaper than the one yg ada dkt The Curve seriously guys :)
Korang jimat separuh harga dr beli dkt The Curve
Material and quality sama je mcm dkt The Curve tp yg ni lg murah 

Selain drpd Dazzling Bangles , 
Ada jugak jual another collection of bangles !
Check it out beyyybeyyy :)

 Those in the picture above is Ethnic Bangles :)
Yesss sangat etnik right ? I know :)
And the best part is , bangles ini sangat murah okay ?

1 = RM 12
2 = RM 30

Sgt murah ! So affordable :)

This one pun  Ethnic Bangles
Tp beza dia yg ni agak nipis plus ringan but still looks glam isnt it ? :)
Yg ni lg murah 

1 = RM 10
2 = RM 25

Btw harga-harga ni not including w the postage k ?
Kalau postage mcm biasa ;
Semenanjung Malaysia = RM 6
Sabah Sarawak = RM 8

So if you guys intrested to be the owner of those bangles , kindly comment here 
or maybe boleh PM me and then i'll update this to Sis Nadya :)
If nk suruh reserved kan pun okay !

And ,,

Abang abang yang dah ada isteri , tunang , girlfriend , marka or kekasih gelap . Ops* :P
Boleh lah usha-usha kot kot nak belikn untuk dorng ke :)
Nk buat suprise ke kn ?
Everyday is special day when we're with the one that we love
Ececeh :p

So sape nak , lai lai lai :)
Serious buyers only k ? 
Cheers !

p/s : next saya akan update untuk cincin + rantai ! stay tuned ! :)

Amely is so blurr -.-'


K guys , i'd like to ask some forgiveness due to my lazy-ness to update my blog .
Yeah i know , if want to be a good blogger , we must always rajin update blog semua right ?
Bt too bad for me then because i'm too lazy to update my blog
I'll just update my blog when i'm in 'blog-mood' . Sorray .

Bt i'd force myself just now , atleast update something even it's just a 'short' entry
So yeah now i'm here , trying to spew out all the things that is in my head
I've to admit that i'm such a 'blank-and-blurr-person'
And to be frank , i love to be the 'blank-and blurr' one coz it will makes me looks cute :P *yawn*

I need a new and big bear like relli relli big . Relli relli ok ?

I'd like to say bucketloads of thankyou to mummy and kaklong =)
They bought me this 'gorgy' necklace when they were in KL last few days
And ofcourse the necklace is awesome-like-me


The bangles :) I got it from my sis Nadya Azman !
She sells it girls !
And the best part is , the prices yg my sis jual iz separuh harga frm harga yg dijual kt The Curve :D
Soon i'll update you guys about this ! Hehe

I relli love it but diz one iz too short 
I'm the one yg pakai tudung so its not fun lah pakai necklace ni sbb tknmpk :P
Never thought to show-off bt whts da point of having a necklace tp tersorok hehe :P

Btw , i was thinking to sell this blouse to anyone that would love to have it .
Nmpk besar tp ni size M
Bila pakai dia akn jd melekat dkt pinggang 
So korang boleh pakai w the inner mybe
Bt i just thnk to sell it la , blm decided anything lgi :P hehe

So yeah today iz entri bergambar ! 
Sorryy yeah if afta diz amely byk buat entri bergambar because im in love w instagram :P
Thankyou ! Hug & Kisses ! :)

p/s : its 03.52 am ok and i'd like to call myself as 'BURUNG HANTU PLG COMEL DI ALAM SEMESTA' . Haha bye

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Dreams like a princess ! =)

Assalamualaikum !

You guys pernah tk mcm berangan nanti nak kahwin nak ada tu nak ada ni ? =p
Ada tak yang berangan to be like a princess ke one fine day nanti ? Awww
Ohhh jangann tak mengaku yg korang suka if someone treat you like a princess okay ? *for girlz onli* =p

Jst now amely berangan nak ada rumah like a castle la konon ! Ohmai . K boleh muntah darah skrg ! Hahah
Act i was dreaming to have my own big and white house since i was kid ! Seriously
Dulu lg la kn kuat berangan and wanna get married with a prince ! Hahaha *gelak jahat*
But now , dah 18 . 18 ohhkeyyy ? *suara sengau* . So tkdela mcm berangan gila-gila 
Sikit sikit adalah bt more to mcm smthg utk future hehe .
Tk mcm dlu , dreamt nk jd like a princess , nk jd power rangers haha . I iz serious okay ? =)

So just now , amely dream nak ada rumah yg besar , putih and sgt breath-taking !
Sekali pandang boleh pengsan ! *mcm lelaki tgk awek kaki panjang putih tp skali pusing pondan!*
Iz not cool if we just dreaming but we dont even think how to get it or whtsoever .. zzzz

Then i pun without wastng time kn , i goggle-ed some few pictures yg mcm rumah yg amely nk !
Sekali terjumpa and seriously it iz so so so cool , great , breath-taking && it waz making me gawk for awhile
Here iz some pictures that i download-ed from google 

Ohmai . Ini ruang tamu and i'd be one of my-own-house-lovers if ruang tamu pun dah mcmni !
No need to go somewhere for a holiday sbb rumah dah cantik !
More classy than 5 stars hotel you know !

Though it seems like sgt simple bt for me it iz so so so amazing 
Sangat amazed me ! :o
Only got 4 chairs there so itz mean that its fr me , hubby && 2 kids !
Hahaha ini berangan melampau ! 

Ohmai . Ini sangat okay 
Ruangan yg sgt comfy and sesuai fr me and my hubby do our works
Plus our kids pun boleh buat homework dkt sini
Okay amely gatal melampau !
Except for the scary patung dkt belakang tu , okay i tknk tu -.-

Hamagad :o Faints*
Diz can be my 1st dinning room . Hahaha
Got more than 4 chairs there so have more than 4 kids lewwww :P Muahaha *gelak smbil ttp idung*

Kalau toilet mcm ni , amely boleh duduk sini sampai 5 jam pun okay !

Okayyyy ini bilik yang sangat cool and calm
Like seriously ! Kalau bilik mcmni msti malas nak bngun pergi kerja haha

See , amely bab berangan mmg boleh siap berangan mcm 3D punya berangan ! Haha
I iz so so kuat berangan you know and i dont know when i cant stop from asyik berangan all-the-time !
But seriously nak sangat rumah macam ni ! Boleh bawak mami abah sekali duduk sini
Takpun buat rumah macamni jugak sebijik utk mami dgn abah
Ohh banyaknya saya berangan . But who knws one day jd btl-btl ke ?

InsyAllah . Amin =)

P/s : Bila Dekat makin Sayang
Bila jauh Makin rindu
Bila Marah Tanda Sayang
Bila Merajuk Tanda Rindu . 

Aww me got a pantun yg tkle bla bt sgt comel =) Huehue =p

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Mum's Abaya iz sooooo nais !

Assalamualaikum !

Abaya abaya ! Siapa pernah pakai abaya ?
Abaya ni adik beradik jubah lah kot ? =) Huehue :p

Skrg dh trend orang perempuan pakai abaya balik
Lelaki pakai abaya ? Lain macam sangat bunyik tu :p

Last few days , i was google-ing for the latest abaya .
But sekali terjumpa model model yg pakai abaya . *gawk*
Sangat cantik ok ?
Dgn body slim melin + tinggi macam galah = dyingggg ! :3

Haha hamagad :o
Tetiba rasa insecure rising macam apa je !
Look at them w the abaya :')
Sangatla cantik . Lg lg si Hana Tajima ni . Ishhhhhh :|

So tetiba datang idea fr me utk try my mum's abaya :p
Jengjeng jeng !
Nk tgk hasil dia ? -.- Nah -

Agak agak ada gaya mcm MALAYSIA MUSLIMAH NEXT TOP MODEL TAK ? *k perasan*
Such an offense bila amely tgk org lain pakai abaya sgt cantik !
Tapi when it comes to me nampak sgt mcm @#$%^& -.-
Tidak mampu berkata apa apa . Haha
Sangat macam mak orang ! Hahaha

Erk okay ! Can go die act liddis ! Haha
My mami's abaya iz zo nais , zo big but zo comfy :')
Afta this boleh tk dh tknk pakai seluar tp nk pakai long skirt ke , abaya ke , dress ke ?
Huehue :p Dah jatuh cintun sama abaya !

P/s : korang lg prefer abaya / baju kurung ? :)