Monday, 27 February 2012

Live with passion!

Assalamualaikum ! :)

Halo guys . I just realized that i didnt update anything in my blogs for almost 2 days
Just busy-ing myself for 'something' . Yes 'something' , not 'someone' .
There's a few buddies outta there noticed that i was rarely online for the last couple of days
Yeah , a bit busy . Even people can see that i'm 24/7 online nowadays bt it doesnt mean that i'm always infront of the lappy . Nope . Sometimes i just online all my social networking acc and left it on my bed and i do something else . Well , a very typical teenanger right ? Lol

To be frank , I cant relli wait for my spm's result . Bt in the same time , im still feel kinda scared thou . 
The eager to know what my result is rising all of sudden after i met someone who shares alot of same interest with me . And the best part is , she wanna be a lawyer  and wanna studies in IIUM too . 
You knw what guys , there's nothing i wanna do right now except chasing my passions , my goals to be a very great and respected lawyer . I wanna be the 1st lawyer in my family .
I wanna show to the world that i can be 'someone' too .

I wanna be a lawyer and a great one not solely just to get a 'name' .
Instead of chasing the popularity and fame , I'd like to tell you guys that i wanna be a lawyer because that's my passion . I'm a girl who lives with passion and to be a lawyer is my passion
I wanna make my parents proud of me . Yes , i really wanna do that .
I'm pretty sure that i can give a huge of impact to anyone that always talk bad about me and ofcourse my family . Having so much haters in this world is normal , but hate them back is so abnormal . Noted .

I've just exploring the IIUM's official website and ofcourse , my mind cant stop from asking me to get an additional information about the Law . 
So , Laws (Foundation) has it owns requirement . Just print-screen-ed it . 

Hati manyak senang melihat the requirements that needed . 
InsyAllah , ada rezeki dapat jugak amely jejakkn kaki dkt IIUM , Petaling Jaya
InsyAllah . Amin

What i'm hoping right now is , i can fulfill my dreams to continue my study there in the Kuliah of Law . InsyAllah . Amin . I didnt put such a towering hopes on that but deep in my heart in really wanna continue my study there and be a very great one . I mean lawyer . 

I will keep praying to Allah swt that He'd fulfill my dreams in soon further . InsyAllah . Amin

p/s : kalau tkde rezeki utk buat Law , mungkin ada rezeki utk buat lain . Sebaik-baik perancangan adalah rancangan Allah swt


syazwani sulong said...

insyaAllah. doa banyak2 yepp. semoga dapat yang terbaek. :))

Amely Afandi said...

@syazwani sulongsemestinya hehe insyAllah :) Amin . Thanks :)

hana said...

gud luck for ur result..
insyaAllah ada rezeki untuk jadi lawyer..

Amely Afandi said...

@hanainsyAllah , thanks hana :')

anNaqia said...

kite merancang, Allah pun merancang. dan Allah adalah sebaik-baik Perancang. believe in His plan. :)

zafira othman. said...

InsyaAllah dpt. UIA cukup syarat mmg trus ambil. ^^

Amely Afandi said...

@zafira othman.hehe insyAllah . harap2 dpt

Amely Afandi said...

annaqia , btl2 :)

Anonymous said...

alamak, terasa pulak. hahah. I dah gila nak UIAM. Mahallah dia comel comel je. btw, hye cik lawyer to be :D

ainulaqma said...

good luck :)
header awak cantik sgt~ mane dpt?? jeles! nnt btaw ea tempah kt mane :)

jln2 sini sambil jemput join my GA :)

Amely Afandi said...

@Anis Najwa Nazarihehe its all about you . its all about you baby :p lalalala

Amely Afandi said...

@ainulaqmaheader buat sendiri je hehe