Monday, 20 February 2012

Amely is so blurr -.-'


K guys , i'd like to ask some forgiveness due to my lazy-ness to update my blog .
Yeah i know , if want to be a good blogger , we must always rajin update blog semua right ?
Bt too bad for me then because i'm too lazy to update my blog
I'll just update my blog when i'm in 'blog-mood' . Sorray .

Bt i'd force myself just now , atleast update something even it's just a 'short' entry
So yeah now i'm here , trying to spew out all the things that is in my head
I've to admit that i'm such a 'blank-and-blurr-person'
And to be frank , i love to be the 'blank-and blurr' one coz it will makes me looks cute :P *yawn*

I need a new and big bear like relli relli big . Relli relli ok ?

I'd like to say bucketloads of thankyou to mummy and kaklong =)
They bought me this 'gorgy' necklace when they were in KL last few days
And ofcourse the necklace is awesome-like-me


The bangles :) I got it from my sis Nadya Azman !
She sells it girls !
And the best part is , the prices yg my sis jual iz separuh harga frm harga yg dijual kt The Curve :D
Soon i'll update you guys about this ! Hehe

I relli love it but diz one iz too short 
I'm the one yg pakai tudung so its not fun lah pakai necklace ni sbb tknmpk :P
Never thought to show-off bt whts da point of having a necklace tp tersorok hehe :P

Btw , i was thinking to sell this blouse to anyone that would love to have it .
Nmpk besar tp ni size M
Bila pakai dia akn jd melekat dkt pinggang 
So korang boleh pakai w the inner mybe
Bt i just thnk to sell it la , blm decided anything lgi :P hehe

So yeah today iz entri bergambar ! 
Sorryy yeah if afta diz amely byk buat entri bergambar because im in love w instagram :P
Thankyou ! Hug & Kisses ! :)

p/s : its 03.52 am ok and i'd like to call myself as 'BURUNG HANTU PLG COMEL DI ALAM SEMESTA' . Haha bye


AYIE ABAS said...

abg ayie tgok..amely rajin jer up date entry demi entry.

GA dah start kan? 20 feb..?

Amely Afandi said...

@AYIE ABAStkle start lg sbb ada lg brang tk smpai

ZaroL said...

A cool picture that you have taken..suka tengok.

Amely Afandi said...

@ZaroLthanks :)

Anonymous said...

necklace raya U tu niceee. :)

Cik tikah said...

cik tikah bukan mls update entry tpi sibuk. baru sempat update entry. moh baca :D

Amely Afandi said...

@Cik Atienhehe thanks :)

Amely Afandi said...

@Cik tikahhehe beres