Friday, 14 September 2012

Miscommunication will break us apart

Assalamualaikum wbt

It might be a very short post but this is what everyone should have give 100% attention to .

When we are in a crowded , for sure its hard for us to find the right path for us to go , its hard to follow the flow because its too crowded but only one thing which can help us to find the right path - communication .
A strong communication with the others sure can help us to find our own path . Despite all the hardness , continue walking but dont forget to maintain a good communication with other people . Communication is so important :)

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Allah has a bigger plan for you :') La Tahzan ..


1st of all , alhamdulillah , im still here and Allah still gives me the chance to live and enjoy my life which i prayed will always showered with His Barakah . InshAllah Ta'ala ..

I rarely update my blog now . As you guys now , im kind off busy with my study .
Alhamdulillah , life as a student is okay . Even though it becomes more hectic , demand than usual but this is the another level or step in my life that i have to been through .

So lets go through chapter by chapter :)

Whatssup with my university life ?
Uitm Dungun is an awesome place . Perhaps many of you heard that Dungun is boring , dungun has nothing , dungun is lopek and so on and so forth , but trust me , once you live in Dungun , you will find out that Dungun is a small town which full with clamness and you will love the calmness . Uitm Dungun is literally infront of the beach . So yeah , people , those who especially from west will say that "i love Dungun" . Lol . So that is for university . For the course that i'm taking now , so far Alhamdulillah , everything is still under cover and all i hope for this semester 1 is dean's list . That's what im gonna give to my parents . InshAllah Ta'ala :)
Debate team ? So far , the nearest tournament is British Parlimentary which will be held at Serdang on 7th-9th September , im sorry because i cant remember the specific place but yeah it literally situated in Serdang .
What i kinda hate is the cocuriculum activity :/ I mean , Kesatria . I'm the one who people can might see as a kind off active one but then i dislike kawad . Thats me . Im an active person but i hate kawad . Kawad is not for me . Every Monday evening , with the wrinkled-face , ill walk to the dataran and berkawad till 7pm . And yeah , i try to fall in love with it but im failed .

Love life ?
Let me focus on myself first before im giving my focus to somebody else . I do plan , yes , i do plan and in the same time i know that Allah is already planned something for me and for sure , His plan is the best . So i just go with the flow , keep praying , wont stop making du'a and guess what , experiences is the best teacher ever . Those bad things which happened to my life is a bit makes me down but im still grateful because from that i know that Allah loves me and Allah wants to protect myself from being hurt again and again and again . I already put a stop and i realized what i have done before and it was totally wrong so i hope its still not too late for me to u-turn and turn back to the right path . Inallahmaana :')

Eid Mubarak ?
Alhamdulillah , i celebrated this 1433H eid mubarak in Negeri Sembilan , specifically in Tampin . Been there for 3 days and 2 nights . Reached there during people was busy ber-marhaban from house to house ! Ops hehe . And alhamdulillah , rezeki tahun ni berlipat kali ganda , compared to last year even though im getting older but duit raya getting masyuk bro :p Alhamdulillah .

Ramadhan ?
Alamak , it supposed to be Ramadhan first then Eid Mubarak isnt it ? Hehe . My bad . Im sorry . Alhamdulillah , 1st year , i was fasting as an university's student . And yeah there were alot of differences if wanna compared to the previous Ramadhan with my family . This year , i have to prepare everything by my ownself . And yes , about the food . The food might not be as delicious as my mom's cooking but still alhamdulillah . It was an experience . Iftar with my friends and sometimes was iftar alone . A bit sad but thats all experiences isnt it ?

I dont have much things to write and saya menulis semata mata takmau kasi blog ini terkubur :p
So guys , jaga diri and i think its not to late to wish happy eid mubarak , forgive all my wrongdoings and yeah 0-0 okay ? :p

P/s : Pray for me guys :')

Friday, 3 August 2012

Debating is part of my life



Alhamdulillah , finally i got this chance to update my blog . Another chances i reckon
In this post , im gonna share with you sahabat about something which is part of my life
It is debating . Yeah as stated above .
Debating is literally part of my life . Ive been debating since i was in high school
When i was in primary school , i represented my school in story telling competition
Then when i was in high school , ive upgraded myself hehe .
I represented my high school in debate , specifically British Parlimentary , then theater which i rolled as Puteri Gunung Ledang *uweks* , and ofcourse , pidato :)

Frankly speaking , im the one who always have the eager to speak infront of the crowded , to hold the mic , to lead any team , i dont know why but im just being me .
Aqila Sumali , a best best friend of mine in college , has told me that im such a competitive person
My english lect , Sir Syikri , he told me that im such an argumentative person
And in debating , we need those aspects which are argumentative and competitive .
I wasnt forcing myself to build those such of attitude in myself but it came out itself
Ive never put those things in my soul but you know , it such a strong connection with my soul ;p
I dont even have to force them to come into myself and get connected with my soul muehehe

Okay , let me tell you a bit about debating stuff and so on and so forth
So basically , debating is a place where you can let out all your ideas and opinions on any motions
For instance , "This house believed that Malaysia should legalized prostitutions"

So when you are given this motion , the first thing that you must do - UNDERSTAND THE MOTION
Yeah , basically it just like that . Then we have to build up the case , clarify the motion and blablabla
Since i was in high school and till now , in college i mean , i'm the second speaker
Yeah even know , im still the second speaker

Role of second speaker -
1st , introduce ourselves haha :p
2nd , do some rebuttal . We have to rebut the 1st point that given by the opposition/goverment leader
3rd , give out our 2 points
4th , chow :p

Hehe . It maybe looks easy for you .
Yeah but then soon if you're in my place , you'll know how hard it is when we have to brainstorming to get a very strong points which maybe cannot be POI's my the other team haha
The most awesome part in debating is when we have to give the POI
Dunno what is POI ? Wanna know what is POI ? Google :p

In debating , we have to be harsh .
Yeah most of the time , we have to be harsh
Technically , debating needs us to be harsh
Whether in a polite harsh haha or maybe a very harshy harsh :p

Debating is part of my life
Bucketloads of thankyou to all of debaters who always made my day
Arif , syahmi , aggrawr , salimi , sanjay , inteam , neville , luna , nerd , kpop , cramp , tomato , hunny , jb , priya , stooner , don , kak shasha , kak fadzillah , muiz , and all of them
Oh btw , names which stated above are not all the debaters real name hehe , it's INDAKS NAME :p
Mine is marina -.-

Peace out yo

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Life as a political science student isnt that tough :)

Assalamualaikum :)

Its been awhile . To be frank , lately i dont have much time to update my blog . Infact i dont have much time to online my facebook or even tweeting on twitter . I only update once in a while . Im deeply sorry to all my friends , who keep waiting for my update , wheter on facebook or on twitter or maybe even on my blog .

I realized that lately my followers on twitter is decreasing due to the lack of tweeting and sharing some knowledge there . There's a few sahabat keep DM me and ask me bila nak on twitter and whatsoever hehe .

So lets drop this subject . Enough with all these social network things . Next , life as a student . University student . Currently , im studying at Uitm dungun , terengganu . Im taking diploma in public administration . Basically , if kami sebut kami student public admin , 1st thing that will across in people mind is BUDAK POLITIK . Frankly speaking , public admin ni actually 1 course di mana all the students have to study semua subject . For instance , im a part 1 student and dalam part 1 saya akan belajar subjek sains politik , business mathematic , fundemantel of islam , interactive multimedia , english and etc . Political science is the core subject act . But then public admin punya student ni dia mcm multi-tasker . So nnti afta 2 years and half kami dkt sini , kami boleh sambung degree dalam apa apa subject . Contoh degree in accountancy ke , law ke , coporate ke . Multi-taskingla kiranya course ni :)

Ive already sent my application to pihak uitm untuk November intake . InshAllah if my application is approved , ill move to uitm kuantan , ambil foundation law . Mohon sahabat doakan application saya di approve :)

Salam ramdhan !