Thursday, 16 February 2012

Do you know what is "insomnia" huh guys ?

Assalamualaikum !

Wohooo this is bad . Indeed bad guys
Its 0538am and i still cant sleep . slapme*
There's around 4 5 people who were im-ed me + tweet-ed me 
and asked me the same quest which sound liddis -

"Babe , its almost 6 and you're still awake?"

No , im not awake . This is my ghost -_-
Maybe it because i doesnt have to go to school anymore so i thought it is an okay for me lah to sleep veryy late tapi bila dah lama-lama , i feel something weird is happened on me . Gawk*
I just cant sleep . Dont blame me , but blame le eyes for not being sleepy even its almost 6
And for sho my mum is awake now and get prepared to go to school
Then i've to wake up my adik-adik later . 

I'd forcing myself to sleep before but i cant . I relli cant . 
This disease or people called it as "insomnia" relli relli drives me crazy
I dont know what will happen further soon as im going to continue my study on may / june . Perhaps . Sigh*
Ive to practice myself to sleep earlier from now . Now . Always now .

Did this disease had attacked you guys before ?
And how did you guys solved this problem ?
And is it work ? No ? Yes ? No ? Yes ?
Just gimme a few tips . I relli need it
Had google-ed on this problems before bt i just cant find how to solve this problem .

As i'm bored to death right now , *seriously im dying*
I just took out my baby Nikon and shot a few pics , which all those things are just in my room .
So atleast there's something for me to do . Muehehe :p
This is just for fun guys ! Take a look on what is w me right now =)

This is one of my favourite novel which written by Liana Afiera Malik . 
"Jelous la pulak!" is such a simple yet earthy novel =)

Wohoo , this is one wajib dengan amely !
All my photo(s) is in it . Can dieee if i loss it -.-
Haha and btw his name is Apacer , not apa cer ! Apa celup bro ? :p

Manchester United !
I got le cap , shirt , sweater , clock and yadayadayada
Oh-yeah , i'd like to buy all the things which labelled 'Man Utd' on it as i'm a huge fan of Man Utd
Glory glory manchester united !

The "Satin"
I just love 'em to le max . 
Got more pashmina , shawls and blablabla but i couldnt get my eyes off from these 3 sisters :p

Errr guys , do you know what people called it ?
I dont even know what its name but i just called it as 'langsir sarawak'
Bought this from Kuching . Last visited to Kuching is when i was 12 :|

Family's Potrait 
This was during le 2009's eid-fitri 
I was 15 y/o by this time . Find me :P
Sape dapat carik mana satu saya dapat hadiah ! :D

A lot of useless baju kurung + blouse + abaya + gaun here
Such a messy wardroebe , i know
I think i should ask for a few tips from Ezuwan Ismail =p

Only 2 left . Sobsob* 
The left one masa amely menang debat bahasa inggeris 
And the right one masa pidato bahasa melayu
Yg ni je setia atas almari and the rest idk where they're gone .

Haha this is my very the 1st time upload gambar masa amely darjah 2 !
Look at me , i was so fatty boom-boom -.-
Masa ni boleh dikatakan obes and berat amely masa ni around 70kg smthg ! Haha
Berat ? I know :p Bt then when i was standard 4 start kurus :p
Tak perlu ke london weight management pun . Boleh kurus sendiri dgn main sukan
Dulu comel , sekarang cantik :p Kan kan ? Haha
Jgn gelak pls tgk gmbr ni -_- Haha
Btw sorry dah crack sbb tu kerja adik amely . Blame him 

Lil sis's , me's , lil bro's
For this time being , handphone is my priority . No doubt
W phone , it easier for me to contact w the love one . Chui .
Noleh . Phone is important fer everyone right ?

And the last one .....

My baby boo bumm bummm !
'He' the one who always accompany me on le bed :')
Le one which always hear my problems , cries and yadayadayada
Look at the caption guys , 'he' is Amir . Ops . Amir ? =p
Sorry Mr.Amir  ;) 
Jangan salah faham k ? Ni amir yg dlm cerita Vanilla  Coklat tu :D Hensem ! Haha

And now its 0628am .
Need to wake my adik-adik's up before its late 
This just a random post from me guys . 
Never thought to grab le attention nor the praises =)
Happy Thursday guys ! 

p/s : Headache -.-


Mohd Norafzal said...

bnyaknye tepon mesti bercita2 nak jadi receptionist kahkahkah

Mohd Norafzal said...

owh..u remind me at my pet sis :)

Amely Afandi said...

@Mohd Norafzalhahaha agak la bang :P

Amely Afandi said...

@Mohd Norafzalyr pet sis ? why is that abg ?

Ah Long said...

Nice la sis , le along taw camera ape yang di gunakan tok snap pic2 semua tu? lomo ke? nice laa

Mari singgah :

Amely Afandi said...

@Ah Longnikon je along :)

AYIE ABAS said...

bila tgok novel tu teringat pd penulisnya lyana afiera malik...

..dah meninggal dia kn?

Ah Long said...

owh le ar pnjam . mmg snap pic , tros jadi color cam tu erk? macam lomo la ;) maklum la along x mmpu nk beli , mek gambar gune hp xperia pastu edit jd lomo jew haha

Amely Afandi said...


Amely Afandi said...

@Ah Longedit lpstu la along :)

syasyajohan said...

waa,satu engliah debate,satu lagi pidato bm :P

Amely Afandi said...