Thursday, 14 June 2012

Land of Love


Yes yes yes amely dah rajin update blog 
Update blog 3 kali seminggu haha adakah itu boleh melabelkan saya sebagai seorang blogger picisan yg rajin ?
Amboi ayat dia , majmuk betui 

Haaa before that , congrats to both my fav team Portugal and German . Both won tonight's match
Ohyeahh i loikee *Chicken-dance*

Btw , sebut je Land of Love , mesti orang dah boleh terbayang Eifel Tower kan ? 
Wahh diri ini bercita-cita untuk honeymoon bersama bakal husband satu hari nanti
Cakap style dah ada calon husband kn ? Ek eleh mely -.-

Eh tanpa angan-angan , takkan ada nya satu kejayaan ! Caiyok caiyok 
So , inshAllah .. one fine day .. diri ini dan bakal husband akan ber-honeymoon di sana . 
Aicececeh . Mohon lempang diri sendiri amely !

K .. Habis . Bye
Eh tu je ? Haa ni je
Dah pukul 4.53am oihh . Nak tidoq . Bola dah habih :D 

Masha Allah ...
Cantiknya :') Suka kita tgk .. Huuu one dayy akan sampai
One fine day .. InshAllah ..

Btw , thanks alot untuk Syamsid sebab teraccidently tlg ambk gmbr ni lepas kita teraccidently mntk dia tlg snap picture sekeping untuk kita :p

Dok tweet dgn dia tetibe syiokkk je suruh dia snap gmbr sekeping -.- Tak tahu malu
Ingtkan Syamsid tkmau layan tetibe dia cakap sat .. Ohmai tetibe dpt gambar .. Ohmaii
Hadiah dari paris . Tak dapat ole-ole takpa , gambaq sekeping dah cukup

Thanks Syamsid ^_^

Monday, 11 June 2012

Kids , Photography . This is so out of the blue


Okay , im getting diligent to update my blog lately but getting lazier to ping it
Should i ping each entry that posted by me ?
Hello , saya sedar diri . I'm not Fatin Liyana , Maria Elena or maybe Hanis Zalikha who doesnt need to ping their entry at any blog's group on facebook sebab dah ramai sgt menunggu depa update blog depa hehe
Btw , it kinda a long time i didnt pampered myself with my Nikon .
How pity my baby Nikon which just stay under my bed for a kinda long time .
My baby Nikon was so dusty after i took it out of from it . Hehehe sorry !

In my previous post , i love kids & kids are for me , i have been mentioned to you guys that i went to Besut with my mummy and my lil sis , who was skipping her sch , merely to follow us to go to Besut -.-
My mummy has been appointed as one of the judges for the Action Song Competition peringkat Negeri Terengganu . If you wanna know more details about the competition , please kindly click at the link given ;)

In that post , i have also been mentioned that i'm going to post a few pictures that taken by me
I'm not a pro one . Im just a girl who really adores photography and stuff blablabla but never thought to be a serious photographer one day . Lol .
Thanks to my dad .. He knows i love photography so much that's why he bought me this Nikon
I have never asked him to buy me a Nikon but okay , this is what i called 'rezeki'
Alhamdulillah :)

So so so , lets view each picture that taken by me . Sorry sorry sorry if sangat merosakkan mood anda haha

Lol make up . Kids and make up =p Hehehe no comment

Hulu Terengganu :) I cant remember the team from Hulu Terengganu dapat number berapa :/ 

Haha i have never wear that such things on my head . ya Allah , tak berat ke dik ? Teringin pulak akak =p
Haha comel 

Abang abang nelayan . If pakcik is fisherman , so these kids will be fisherboy ? Lol

I dont know what was on her mind this time .. Mesti tension sebab muka kena tepek dengan make-up and benda kelip kelip kilat kilat tu . Haha . Macam nak gelak pun ada . Kejamnya ang amely -.-

Awww fairy baby with the pink cute boom lil butterfly on her back :D

Okay , adik , when you're growing up soon , you'll find out that you're one of the handsome guy in Terengganu . Why you so young ? Cis . Hampeh . Haha

Aww the judges , my mum is in the middle ;)

Awuwuwuwuwu . This adik is so beautiful . Masha Allah . With the make up , accesories , baju . 
Kakak tak berpeluang tau pakai macam gini ! Haha

Sekali pandang macam amoi . Adakah amoi ? Eh memang amoi pun kan ? Eh ke tak ? Eh ye ? Ohh . Haa bukan amoi ? Okay ingat amoi . Lah amoi ke ? Haa tak pulak . Adududu

Atototo handsome boys . Yang sorang tu pandang and maybe dia nak kata "Wassup kak? Y u so snap my picture alone ?" Lol . Comel comel :)

Semangat tu penting . Kalau Malaysia boleh , kita pun boleh . Haha =p

Okay seriously , this lil girl sangat cantik .Fullstop

Awww kakak bumi kakak bumi . Save our heart my awesome people . Our earth is already old to accommodate all our dosa :( Lets make our earth smiles back with doing many good deeds and upload more more more pahala :) InshAllah ..

This one pun comel ! Look at her teeth . Comel gila XD

Okay , done with those pictures dari adik adik comel yang participated in this competition
Now , gambar my lil sis with her new friend :) I cant remember your name :(
What's your name again ? 

My adik is the freehair one while her new friend , daughter to my mum's friend who was also one of the judges , is the one yg pakai blue scarf :)

Chekidautz !

Okay , that's all ..
I dont even have a picture of mine this time :(  Adududu
Btw , picture + editing semua dibuat oleh diri sendiri
Sangatlah buruk isnt it ? Vintage lah sangat tapi tak jadi . Trololo =p

Happy Monday guys
To adik adik yang dah masuk sekolah afta 2 weeks bercanda dirumah , selamat berjuang
Yang kerja , selamat bekerja
Yang masih duduk rumah goyang kaki , selamat bergoyang (perli diri sendiri memang best)

Sunday, 10 June 2012


1. They don’t carry around as much drama, & if they do, it’s normally at a minimum. Plus, they tend to want to stay out & away from it anyway.

2. You can talk to them about almost anything & you can trust them with more personal things, & best believe they judge a LOT less harshly than girls tend to do about other girls.

3. They tend to listen a little better when you vent. Sometimes, they even give you a little better advice, because they see things from a guys point of view, not the point of view from “the bestfriend of the victim.”

4. They really do know the sweetest ways to cheer a girl up & make her smile, especially if they’re a bestfriend/brother type figure.

5. They won’t bother sharing your secrets with other girls, because they know it’s your personal business & they’d rather not get in the middle of it anyway.

6. They’ll be completely honest, & they’ll love & protect you like a little sister. & if some jerk ever decides to play you or break your heart, they won’t just tell you “He’s a jerk, forget about him.” Best believe they’ll kick his freakin’ ass to back it up.

7. If you & some other girl are having an argument, even if you hate each other; he won’t take sides. He’ll still treat you both equally, despite what he’s heard.

8. They’re always down to just kick it, & they have the most interesting stories about relationships & embarrassing moments. Trust. (x Not to mention:
Boy’s point of view = great relationship advice.

9. They won’t over-analyze what you say & turn it into some ridiculously bitchy-sounding comment when that’s not what it was supposed to be to begin with.

10. and lastly, theyll be there for you always, one text away.

Tuan tanah yg obvious pipi makin mengembang sejak duduk rumah je . Haihh

Friday, 8 June 2012

Temerloh-Cameron with loves

Assalamualaikum !

Its been awhile huh ?
Lately , amely kerap ulang alik pergi rumah aunty since my parents busy with their works
So the best way for us utk terus mndpt makanan adalah dgn tido dkt rumah aunty
Hikhik =p Sangat mengambil peluang isnt it ?

Okay , last week i went to Cameron with ze family
Me , abah , mami , kaklong , adam , alyaa . Minus the boys , Halqimi & Adli 
Both them busy with thier works and study . Cant do anything on that

But before ke Cameron , kteorng stop sekejap dkt Temerloh
Had a warm visit dkt rumah kawan abah . Masha Allah , rumah dia sungguh cantik :)
Langsung takda rasa nak balik =p He's the one who was helping us utk ke Cameron
Abah tk biasa guna jalan temerloh sbb biasa naik ke Gua Musang , Kelantan
Thanks kawan abah . Err uncle apa eh nama ? :/

So dkt temerloh lepas pergi rumah uncle tu , abah stop dkt satu tmpt ni
I cant remember nama tmpt tu apa . Sigh , lame me . 

So breathtaking isnt it ? Tenang sangat duduk dekat sini
But the weather was kinda hot and i was so hot =p

Then dari temerloh , terus shoot ke Cameron :)
K , Cameron was so crowded with the strangers . Ofcourse lah , musim cuti kan ?

Cameron ni dah macam rumah kedua kami . Lol
Every year mesti akan datang sini . WAJIB .
Abah dengan mami suka rest dekat sini . Taktahu kenapa
Maybe sebab cuaca dia yg kinda cool and cold ? 

So , bermalam di Hotel Brincang for the 2nd time
Biasa akan tido di apartment Hill View ke apa . Bt this time sbb abang abang tak ikut
So just sewa hotel ni but connecting room . Abah mami 1 bilik
Kami adik beradik 1 bilik but end up mami abah kaklong adam and alyaa 1 bilik
Amely tido bilik mami abah sorng sorng haha why ?
Sebab malam kteorng balik dr pasar malam , alyaa kena ludah hantu -.-

See , how excited alyaa was . Oh no , she always got the excited-ness with her . Haha
She slept alot in the car . Dia sangat selesa tido belakang sorng sorng -.- Sebab tido banyak
End up , malam susah nak tido sebab siang tido banyak and mula la kacau orang sana sini

I missed cameron already !
Sumpah rindu . Rindu the weather , the food , strawberry is the most XD 

SubhanAllah :') Suka sangat . Berapa kali try snap gmbr ni . 
Finally ! Yeayyy ! :D

This roof was remind me to Robin Hood =p
I mean cerita kartun Robin Hood yang atap dorng macam ni
Panjat atap sana sini . Awwhhh cantik ! ;)

Ni baru sikit . Ada lg banyak
Cameron was so crowded . Jalan pun berlanggar langgar 
Nak cuci mata pun takut sebab ramai sgt orang . Tunduk je mampu

Wardrobe besar gedebak
Tuan hotel ni macam taknak kasi kami balik je ?
Besar sangat lemari ni . Kalau tido 3 orang muat woo dalam ni . Serious !

Alyaa berangan ada putera raja datang dan sarungkan cincin tikam 50sen dekat dia . Ahaks !

Blackberry bukan hak milik saya . 
Oh . This . Is . Art 

Sampai je hotel , si kaklong terus bukak laptop sambung buat assignment
Beginilah nasib student PJJ . Kerja banyak , assignment pun banyak
Oh btw , kaklong saya adalah pelajar jurusan mascom (degree) di uitm shah alam
Ada sesiapa dkt sini bdk mascom ? Lol

Bed . Lol
I just love the colours combination !
Pink , turqoise , red , white . Auch ! 

Alyaa berangan di depan cermin ?
Oh itu adalah sesuatu yang normal bagi kami . Hahaha

Lil brother , Adam . Demam !
Orang syiok berjalan , dia longlai sebab demam . Tak hyperactive macam biasa 

Paling heaven !
Makang makang makang !
Tengah sejuk dapat pulak makanan yang hotz hotz . Ohmai !

Ayahnda bangga dengan baju Harimau Malaya nya !
Elelelelela ohh wohoo ohh wohooo , selamanya harima malaya . Harima malaya *dancing*

Sempat teman ayahnda di Golf club , cameron highland
Fuyooo besar punya @@

Oh post ini masing panjang
Adakah anda masih bersama saya ?
Kalau ya terima kasih , kalau tak kasih ditolak 

Nak menangis tgk pakcik ni tnggu orang datang beli sayur dkt dia
Ya Allah , limpahkanlah rezeki Engkau kepada pakcik ni :')

Yessss , hantu strawberriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii :)
Sedap sangat strawberi ni ! Ya Allah !

Wanda ber-gambaq . Uishhhh nak tunjuk hidung kepek dia lah tu ? =p YOLO !

Lol finally keluar muka sendiri -.-
Punya gelabah kemas baju sampai tudung tudung tertinggal bersama cardigan dirumah
Sudahnya dok rotate tudung sama . Baguih kan ? 

Bahahaha ! Tudia pipi labuh bak ang ! Hahaha =p

The Lakehouse !
Cantik menarik dabom tak berapa nak dabom sangat !
Tapi suka style and colour
Cameron rumah sepesen semua
Nanti nak buat rumah cenggini lah ! Hahhahaah ! YOLO !

Lol . Kbai =p

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Oh My Bahasa Terengganu !


Skrg demam EURO kan kan kan ? 
So kepada kakak kakak , makcik makcik , saya mohon keep calm and sabar if your partners banyak spend their time watching television dari hadap muka kita =p Ahaks =p

Btw , Neelofa sokong team Perancis . 
Adakah si abang abang handsome kacak lagi sado diluar sana rela tukar dan sokong team Perancis ?

Okayy , selain demam EURO , skrg ni orang asyk ckp Oh My English Oh My English
Rasa-rasanya perkataan ni dah melekat . Oh My God dah berkurang . Lol
Good job Astro ! *chicken dance*

Hari ni , amely nak buat 1 benda . Bukan oh My english sebab bajet nak post pasal ni but just now i dpt tahu yg Maria Elena dah buat dulu post tu . Haishhh , kacau daun =p
So since i'm a Terengganu People , ohh a very creative-Terengganu-People , lol , so i wanna make some changes . Dari Oh My English kita tukar jadi Oh My Bahasa Terengganu ! Ihiks *gelak ayu*

Why Bahasa Terengganu ?!

Because I'm a terengganu people . Lol . Did i tell you that i'm a terengganu people dy ?
Ishhh , ini orang kata pengulangan ayat tauu . Woahhh sastera BM . *lama tinggal sekolah ayat habis terabur*

This is one of the way to martabatkan our own state language . 
Malaysia got 14 states (including Sarawak & Sabah) isn't it ? Sorry my geography is so weak -.-
So each states got their own "dialek" . 
If KL , selangor , ada bahasa dorng . Melaka , Negeri Sembilan ada bahasa dorng .
Pahang , Penang , Kedah , Perlis Perak and same goes to Kelantan & Terengganu
Also Sabah & Sarawak =)

See .. Malaysia is beautify with all those "dialek" yang unik lg menarik :)
I'm so proud to be Malaysian . 

Okay , Terengganu orang kata antara "dialek" yang susah selain dr Kelantan , Negeri Sembilan , Sabah & Sarawak . Once again , i wanna tell you that our bahasa is not susah but they are so unique :)
Our bahasa got it own styles :) They way we speak , spell the words or even pronounce it , semua in an awesome way . Kalau orang luar dengar confirm menganga . Trolololo =p

I wont list our all those words from Bahasa Terengganu but just a few words yang menarik 
So chekidaut ! :)

Guaner gamok = Apa khabar ?

Anguh letong = Sangat hangus . Hangus tahap max ! Lol extreme punya hangus ! Haha

Boloq wok = Serabut / Buat buat sibuk

Beratah = Banyak

Beghak nanang = Berat yang teramat / ditujukan kpd kelalaian seseorng

Babey = Degil

Bekeng = Garang

Culah = Degil

Colok = Mancis

Dok tahu starang habok = Tak tahu langsung

Gege = Bising

Ujan serek = Hujan beransur nak berhenti

Samah = 50 sen

Pelawok = Penipu

Peteh = Sekat kaki orang lain biar dia jatuh

Puahsang = Boring 

Amok reng = Berat tulang

Nyeper = Saja dtg then duduk rapat rapat

Kehek = Muntahkan kembali 

Nipih Nayyang = Sangat nipis

Camek = Ganggu / sentuh

Lebong = Tipu

Mung = Kamu

Supoh = Sumpah

Tupoh = Tumpah

Hitang beletung = Hitam sangat

Kuning sior = Kuning sangat

Pahik lepang = Pahit sangat

Tawo hebe = Tawar sangat

Musing ketang = Tak duduk diam

Guling bating = Terguling guling

Pendek ketok = Pendek sangat

Gemok debok = Gemuk sangat

Panjang jeta = Panjang sangat

Aluh siak = Halus / Nipis sangat

Besor jalo = Dah besar panjang

Okay ,
Banyak nya kasi ! Haha cakap few words je =p Sorry . 
So ni antara daily words kami lah kan . Bila orang kata bahasa Terengganu best , bangga sangat :') Hehe
Bila orang cakap orang Terengganu semangat kenegerian tinggi , hanya mampu terdiam sbb betul lol 
Bangga jadi orang Terengganu . Yelah semua orang bangga kan jadi orang negeri masing masing
Tapi jadi orang Terengganu adalah salah satu benda yang paling best . 
Makanan , bahasa , budaya , sosial semua dengan cara kami sendiri
Tapi apa apa pun , kami tetap Malaysian ! :D

So ,
Eh ? Hikhik

Haruslah tepek muka tuan tanah juga =) Tuan tanah yang sentiasa bangga menjadi parts of Terengganu Darul Iman =)

Monday, 4 June 2012

I'm the birthday girl & I Love Hijab Campaign


Btw , 1st of all i'd like to say bucketloads of thankyou for those sahabat who wished "Happy Birthday" to me on my special day which was on last 1st June . Alhamdulillah , now i'm offiicialy 18
Kinda proud to be 18's hehe . Feel like i'm a big girl already thou actually not =p

The first thing that i felt when i realise that i'm already 18 is ... Oh how time flies :')
I still can vividly remember those moments when i was 6 , 12 , 14 , 17 and now Im 18
Alhamdulillah . Me myself still given the oppurtunity to live on this beautiful earth , make alots of good deeds , deens , appriciate everything in my life and the most is ,
 still giving the oppurtinity to sujud to Allah on the sajadah
Alhamdulillah =)

Another a month left before i'm going to continue my study 
Woahh i'm a mahasiswi-to-be . A very good one maybe ? Hikhik inshAllah .
Thanks to MARA . Alhamdulillah . 
Senyum melebar bila terima tawaran MARA :)
Hello KPM , we will meet soon . Very soon :) Please treat me nicely
InshAllah , in 3 years time , ill be the 1st kid of my parents that can fly to overseas to continue my study
InshAllah .. Amin :) Pray for me ya guys

InshAllah , ill keep istiqamah to be a good daughter , a good one :)
A good student soon . A good student to my lecturers , a good friend to my new sahabat 
InshAllah one day ... A good wife and a good mother .... Uwaaaa dia dah start dah =p Hikhik
*Suka berangan pasal kahwin , suami , anak . Dush*

So ,

Oh btw , i just blogwalking at Shea Rosli's blog and i found something on her blog
It kinda looks like an I love Hijab campaign . It's not a campaign but quiet similar like a campaign
Aaaaaaaa , okay let me show you something

Haa can u see that I LOVE HIJAB on my picture ?
That's what i mean by i love hijab campaign :)
One of the way for us to show the appriciation on the hijab and how much our love towards hijab is :)

Kindly download this picture and paste it on your picture
Do it if you supporting this thing lah =) 
We , including Shea , didnt force you . Winks*