Monday, 20 February 2012

Hot-Hit-Glam Accessories for you !


Okay , as what i promised yesterday that i'm going to make an entry specially untuk accessories !
Nak kata mcm direct selling tk jugak sebab ni thru blog . Lol
Kira some sort like blogshop pun can do lah ! ;)

Diz one i got from Sis Nadya Azman !
It iz so so glam y'know =)
Even its red in colour bt it still okayy
Yalah , people more prefer on black than red kan sebab can match w any colours of the dresses , hijab , handbag or maybe the heels and whatsoever :)

Guess , how much the bangle is ?
Sangat murah k if you girls beli thru sis Nadya
If you girls pergi dkt The Curve harga dia rm90 okay ?
Tu dah kira fixed price lah . 
But if you girls buy this thru sis Nadya , harga dia just rm45
Half from the prices yg dijual dkt The Curve :)

K diz one yg mcm amely dpt .
Perghh look so-glam-and-hot . Seriously 
Even letak dkt tangan je pun kn ? :)

This is Pearl Bangles :)
The price is RM 45


Selain drpd Pearl Bangles ni , ada lgi collection lain yg dijual ok ?

Okay this one is Dazzling Bangles :)

If you girls beli 1 the price is RM 60
But if you girls beli 2 terus so hrga dia jadi RM110 :)
Its cheaper than the one yg ada dkt The Curve seriously guys :)
Korang jimat separuh harga dr beli dkt The Curve
Material and quality sama je mcm dkt The Curve tp yg ni lg murah 

Selain drpd Dazzling Bangles , 
Ada jugak jual another collection of bangles !
Check it out beyyybeyyy :)

 Those in the picture above is Ethnic Bangles :)
Yesss sangat etnik right ? I know :)
And the best part is , bangles ini sangat murah okay ?

1 = RM 12
2 = RM 30

Sgt murah ! So affordable :)

This one pun  Ethnic Bangles
Tp beza dia yg ni agak nipis plus ringan but still looks glam isnt it ? :)
Yg ni lg murah 

1 = RM 10
2 = RM 25

Btw harga-harga ni not including w the postage k ?
Kalau postage mcm biasa ;
Semenanjung Malaysia = RM 6
Sabah Sarawak = RM 8

So if you guys intrested to be the owner of those bangles , kindly comment here 
or maybe boleh PM me and then i'll update this to Sis Nadya :)
If nk suruh reserved kan pun okay !

And ,,

Abang abang yang dah ada isteri , tunang , girlfriend , marka or kekasih gelap . Ops* :P
Boleh lah usha-usha kot kot nak belikn untuk dorng ke :)
Nk buat suprise ke kn ?
Everyday is special day when we're with the one that we love
Ececeh :p

So sape nak , lai lai lai :)
Serious buyers only k ? 
Cheers !

p/s : next saya akan update untuk cincin + rantai ! stay tuned ! :)