Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Life as a political science student isnt that tough :)

Assalamualaikum :)

Its been awhile . To be frank , lately i dont have much time to update my blog . Infact i dont have much time to online my facebook or even tweeting on twitter . I only update once in a while . Im deeply sorry to all my friends , who keep waiting for my update , wheter on facebook or on twitter or maybe even on my blog .

I realized that lately my followers on twitter is decreasing due to the lack of tweeting and sharing some knowledge there . There's a few sahabat keep DM me and ask me bila nak on twitter and whatsoever hehe .

So lets drop this subject . Enough with all these social network things . Next , life as a student . University student . Currently , im studying at Uitm dungun , terengganu . Im taking diploma in public administration . Basically , if kami sebut kami student public admin , 1st thing that will across in people mind is BUDAK POLITIK . Frankly speaking , public admin ni actually 1 course di mana all the students have to study semua subject . For instance , im a part 1 student and dalam part 1 saya akan belajar subjek sains politik , business mathematic , fundemantel of islam , interactive multimedia , english and etc . Political science is the core subject act . But then public admin punya student ni dia mcm multi-tasker . So nnti afta 2 years and half kami dkt sini , kami boleh sambung degree dalam apa apa subject . Contoh degree in accountancy ke , law ke , coporate ke . Multi-taskingla kiranya course ni :)

Ive already sent my application to pihak uitm untuk November intake . InshAllah if my application is approved , ill move to uitm kuantan , ambil foundation law . Mohon sahabat doakan application saya di approve :)

Salam ramdhan !

Saturday, 7 July 2012


Diploma Pentadbiran Awam
Fakulti Sains Pentadbiran dan Pengajian Polisi
UiTM Dungun , Terengganu