Sunday, 1 January 2012

Women LOVE but men HATE !

Happy happy happy new years guys !
I might say that i just had a very great new years eve with my cousins ! XD
Eventhough we were not to somewhere to celebrate new year but new year at home was freakin fun ! :D

And today , 2012 Jan 1st . Im going to post an entry which is so related to women .
Yes women . You , me , i , myself and YOU TOO !
This is so about us .
Sometimes , some of us , GIRLS i mean , just love it too much but trust me - men hate it !

Its -MAKE UP !! :D

Neon lips , blue eyeshadow , shimmering glitter , and golden bonzers ; This spring , some of the most dramatic looks we saw on the runways are making their ways onto our faces . Bt nt evelithing we dabble on pleases everyone :) We had a hunch that some of our biggest beauty obsessions might be turn-offs for guys . So we went ahead asked .

Prepare yourself : Brutal honesty ensues :D

1 - Heavy foundation and powders !
Im always amazed to see women with two-tones faces , two apparently different shades of the skin on the faces , as if they apply makeup in the dark .

2 - "Bumps" 
Be wary of anything that makes your head look unnaturally large !

3 - Neon Lipstick 
Most of the fashion world agreed that electric pouts were a beauty "do" this season . Some men , however , beg to differ .

4 - Too-Thin brows .
If it looks natural , we'd never have to wonder .

5 - Bold-Eye Shadow
Is it retro ? Is it purposefully over-the-top ? To my eyes , it just looks tacky no matter how you wear it .

6 - Rossy cheeks
I think guys generally prefer the kind of make-up you dont notice is there , and since there's a lot of guys dont notice I think women have a lot of leeway .

7 - Two-toned lips
Remember Kim Mathers ? She was almost as famous for lip liner issues as she was for being defamed by Eminem :))

8 - Glitter 
Women need to be judicious with it .

psst ; congratulation to OSBON !


wanie said...

tak pyhla nx mekap tebal2...xkool


Fariduddin El-Islam said...

oo..erk? (mcm2 la blogger girl ni pikio.. =P)

cik mun said...

happy new year!!! make up..actually mun xreti nak make up..hihi