Sunday, 15 January 2012

Are you one of the Twitter-aholic ?

Hey guys , waddup ? Omg its been awhile i didnt update anything on my blog . Kemalasan melanda . Geleng*  How come i can increase the numb of my followers if im so lazy to update my blog .
One of the tips to be a great blogger like Bro Ben and Sis Lyssa is rajin update blog . But me so malas -.-
So you guys , please dont be like me if you guys got a mission which is to be a great blogger hehe .

Today's topic is TWITTER :)
Yeay ! Who got twitter here ? Seeps ! I got an acc of twitter too .
And and is there anyone here who is so-called twitter-aholic ?
Yes ? No ? Yes ? No ?
If yes , seeep again ! :)

I cant remember when the exactly time i created my Twitter account .
At 1st i was a lil bit blurr with twitter . I dont even know how to tweet , how to reply someone's tweet and the worst thing is IDK WTH IS RT ! Haha . So lame aite ?
I was like what is RT ? Issit road tax ? T_T
And i didnt know how to change my avatar , how to change my twitter background .
And hell yessh , i used to called myself as a 'org gua' because of twitter . Haha .

Besides , i also dont even know what is timeline .
When one of my friends tweet-ed me and said like 'hey go check yr TL now' .
And i was like 'whaddup with TL?' because on tht time i thought TL is telephone .
I'd checked my phone bt zero , nothing . Then i tweet-ed my friend and scold him for being fooled of me .
And he said 'TL is not telephone bongok but its TIMELINE!' . Haha sorry guyfriend ! I was so lame XD

How time flies :) Now i know how to use twitter like very well . Muehehehe :p
And what i can say here is - I already addicted to Twitter and I called myself as TWITTER-AHOLIC :)
Everytime i surfing internet , its like a compulsory for me to log in my twitter instead of my facebook .
The fact is , facebook is getting bored . Sorry Mark but im just being honest because for me honesty is the best policy ! Wuhuuu :)

Anyone who got twitter , lai lai , follow me and lets have a great chit chat there :)
Find me on twitter : Amely Afandi :))

Twitter is another social-networking site which I can say is the best :)
Facebook is best but twitter is the best :)
Twitter is not like facebook . We cant know who is on-the-line on twitter .
And there's not add me up's button on twitter . Its easy as ABC on twitter because we can follow and unfollow whoever on whenever that we want .

And hey , geez what ?
Justin Bieber , Grenson Chan ay ? Haha idk what is tht boy's name , that one who was featuring Najwa Latif during AIM 2011 :s So lame . Again haha bt i dont care . Jelir*
There's so many artist , i mean a public-figure , using twitter . So what say you ? :)
Even Christiano Ronaldo had sign up for his own Twitter account :P Woho ! Now , im just waiting for my Muslim Ahmad to create his twitter account ! When ay ? :p

So now its 0551 am already . Im going to ping this entry on this evening . Not now for sure because i think everyone is still on their so-comfortable bed hehe while me here , sitting on a chair , infront of my lappy , updating my blog , waiting for someone's call hehe . Insomnia forevah :p

Tadaaa this is my lovely baby-ish Twitter ! Hehe :)
Follow me k guys and lets having a very the great conversations together there !
Tata !

pstt ; twitter , i lap chus !


mohdhazlan Dreadlock said...

follow twet u ..:)

Muaz Faris said...

aku pun ade twitter..

ni . @muazfaris