Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Reflection 2012 | Fashion Walk


Reflection 2012 went smoothly . Tahniah to Ammarahijabi & the rest for this great event . And i have to make a confession here that right now , i feel so damn damn sad and unlucky because i didnt have any chances to join that event . And and , i'd like to say that , Reflection 2012 can be one of the great fashion walk in Malaysia :) Congrats again girls ! x

And yes , it emceed by The Geek Helen , Miss Maria Elena Zarul :) I wish there's a vid which can show me how Maria Elena Zarul emcee-ing that big event . She's superb . So im pretty sure that she was be a very great and gorgy emcee on that night :)

She is so pretty and adorable :) The make-up and great dress very suits her well . Oh she's so lucky . Enough said .

And im pretty sure too that the presence of Hana Tajima and Heliza Helmi to that event telah menambahkan lagi the joyness dalam event tu . Both them are my idol and i can proudly say that they are the icon of muslimah fashion . And same goes to Yuna :) Bt Yuna is more to urban's fashion .

And i'd copy some pictures from Ammarahijabi's page on facebook . And credits to Raja Karim for all these pictures ! x 

Omg , all the dresses are too nice and awesome . Congrats to you girls again ! How so lucky you girls because have the advantages that not all the people got , which is design such these awesome dress . 

And ,

Awh , look guys , its Heliza Helmi . She's so adorable . Faints* Why she must be that beautiful :') SubhanAllah :)

And the founder of Pastelina , Adriani and Shea :) You go girls ! x

There you go , Hana Tajima ! The one who so-called , Great Fashionista :) I respect her much . She's indeed pretty and gorgeous :) 

Aaaaa , see girls . Thts why i said that i was so unlucky because i cant join this such great event :( I hope there will be Reflection Part 3 . Yes please ! I beg for this . Eventhough people might can say that girl , like me , so not suitable to attend this such event , which all the girls there are so damn pretty , but who cares ? :p Huehue 

♫ Now Playing - Its all about you by Mcfly 

Oh-to be frank , im so addicted with this song for this moment . I dont know why . Someone has taught me how to rape the replay's button for this song hehe . Cheers dude ! x

pst ; My lil sis might be so tired with her sch and kelas kafa because she went to her bed on 8pm . Oh wht ? :o


Nikisa Izas said...

semua cantik2:)

leHeart said...

menutup aurat itu lebih cntik dri dibiarkan terbuka...:-)

Nana S. said...

blame final exam kenapa habis lmbt. sbb tu tak boleh pergi reflection :(

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