Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Writting in the dark of night

Assalamualaikum wbt . Hi guys . By the way , thanks for those readers who are still awake even now its already 0255 am . I cant sleep and i dont know why . Maybe because there's a lappy in front of me so i force myself not to sleep though i know that im so sleep now . My eyes already looks like panda's eyes . Comel huh ? Noway . Haha .

Actually i dont even know what i wanna write or what im gonna write in this entry . But i just wanna write .Yup so lets just write amely . Stop mumbling alone . Okay lets back to our topic (eventhough ive already know that there's no special topic in this post) . Ugh . So lame . Maybe this is what i wanna talk about .

Alone .
Boredness huh ?

Right now , im in front of my mom's lappy , laying comfortably on my bed alone , online-ing my twitter and facebook . I relli have nothing to do right now . While almost all the Malaysians are now having their nice sweetdreams but me still awake in the middle of night . Yes its no 0305 am . Haha it take kinda a long time to write in this post . But guys , i just wanna write . Thts all . So layan saja :p

My dad now is in a bus and heading off to Bangkok with his pentaque team for a week . Sigh . We guys will miss him for sure =) Take care abah ! We love ya alots ! So there's no abah at this house for a week , but abah will always be in our heart for-ever !

I miss della . Sigh . WTH is della ? Della is my girlfriend . She's superb . I love her ! =) This few weeks , both us always talking to each other (on the phone) , IM on facebook and tweeting on twitter . We're just getting closer . I can say that she's the best girl that i've know . Seriously . We laugh together , cry together , share alot of problems together , joking around and its all what make us become closer .

Della Mizei

Yup , thats Della =) Btw , sorry Dell because i stole this picture from your facebook . I just realized something dell . Where's your hundred picture on your facebook gone ? Alahai . So serves your right . Gambar tak comel kau aku tepek dekat sini :P I can say that she's the one who taught me how to handle a long distance friendship . I bold the word of friendship ohkay guys ? Not relationship :p Be in a relationship is a no-no for this moment . Hekhek :p But anyways , i love you dell . Seriously . Eventhough sometimes i feel like wanna bang you because of your pervert jokes -.- Haha . We have a lot of secrets together . For example like : 

1 - Kokdiang 
Haha i dont relli sure about the spelling . Issit correct ? Its one of a district in Kedah . Haha but dell , you know that i can pronounce the word very well ! Haha

2 - ESS , EMM , EFF 
Haha this one is seriously gila . Dah terkantoi pun :p Each words are started with the vocal of E . Ess is stand for yours , eff is stand for mine and emm is stand for whom ? You again ? Thnkyou dell . Please dont get mad . Haha

Oh i just hope that you can still remember this word :p I mean winter , summer and bla bla bla . Cnt remember ? Please recall it back della ! Haha

4 - Skype
Bahahahahaha . This just wanna make me burst out my laugh . Hahaha . Goodluck dell ! Winks*

5 - Football
I know this is a sensitive word for you dell . But u shud know that i will always be with you when you need me to be with you . Got it ? Kau dah buat aku menangis jgk la ! Haha ! Siot 

Conclusion : we just share alot of things together eventhough we're far away from each other . You're there while me are here . But both us still can be a good friend right ? Jom apply UPU sama sama . Haha .

Next target -

Jeng jeng jeng . Woff . WTH is him ? Introducing you Hafreezz Adaaammm Aizaaattt ! So ? 

Let me tell ya something ohkay guys ? Oh-no , before that let me introduce you a lil bit about him or his background . His name is Adam . DOB is 10th June . Btw , DOB is stand for date of birth . Mine is 1st june and his is 10th june so adam i think you're already know what is on my mind now :P And and and the best part about him is HE LOVES KIDS ! Yes he does relli loves kids ! And he has kids . Yes he is :)

Look at them :') Adam , you're just not a hot daddy but bapa mithali juga =p Eventhough they're not your biological kids but like what you said , they're your kids :) And it has made me cry . Hehe . Peace*

Btw guys , have you guys have an experience about being obses to someone ? Yup obses or obsession . Obses can be define as mental illness . Ops :p Or maybe it can also define as a compulsive , often unreasonable idea or emotion . I just get the exprience . And its a good great feel i think . And it is so wow . U guys shud try to be obses to someone or maybe make someone feel so obses towards you . Lol . Joke . What i just wanna say here is if you guys have an admire who is so obses towards you guys , you guys have just to stay rilex and talk to them carefully . If you guys feel mess-up or rimas and whatsoever with them , just tell them the truth ! Or not , hospital tanjung rambutan is waiting for you guys ! HAHA . Okay , amely is getting insane . She shud go to sleep now right ? She takes about an hour to finish this entry . Haih . So lame 

Off to bed now
Goodnight Bumi Malaysia
Assalamualaikum =)

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