Wednesday, 7 December 2011

No Boyfriend So No Ombak Rindu Lah ?

Assalamualaikum semua . Good afterning guys . Its no 0203 pm . Its still afternoon but yet it almost going to evening so afterning lah :p

Actually i just feel sick and jelous with the people around me who had been watching Ombak Rindu . Sigh . Ombak Rindu here , Ombak Rindu there . Can you just please shut your mouth up ? Alahai . Dont you guys realize that you guys just making people around you guys jelous ? Lol . Haihh and haihh again .

I heard that ombak rindu is superb . But not as awesome as the book right ? And some of the people were complaining about the movie because it not exactly the same like in the book . Same goes to Lagenda Budak Setan . The movie is super awesome but the book is super dupper awesome .

Ombak Rindu (Novel Version)

What i just wanna say here about is - people , you guys cant compare the movie with the book . Because we've already know that if we're reading any novels , the plots are perfect , the characters are perfects , everything is perfect because the author was give their best on their novel . And it takes about a long time for someone to finish the novel . Itu untuk someone yang jenis baca novel cilak cilok . Hehe tapi untuk someone yg ulat buku mmg kejap je lah kn ? But thats what i wanna tell to you guys , dont complaint about the movie if the movie not as awesome as the book . Kalau kau nak movie ni sebijik sebuntat macam novel tu , im pretty sure yg movie tu dr satu jam setengah akan jadi 1 hari setengah . Seronok duduk dalam panggung lama lama bang ? (Reverse Physcology) Lol . 

By the way , i also heard that my party of friends said that No Boyfriend No Ombak Rindu . Sobsob* Eh podahhhh , taulah ada boyfriend . Kecoh . Haha . Who said No Boyfriend No Ombak Rindu ? Eleh . Kalau mcmtu , semua panggung dekat Malaysia ni kena sedia satu panggung untuk couple je . Semua couple sit . Haha .Yeah lah due to everyone told me the same and some of em sound like -

"Eh kalau tkde boyfriend tak best tengok OR"

"Eh nak tgk OR kena ada boyfriend baru syiok"

"Kalau tkde couple takyah tengok OR lah"

Haih . Korang buat gua patah semangat :3 Haha . Everyone can watch it right ? (Sedapkan hati) Haha . Yes lah , everyone can watch it . There's no warning on the tv either on the billboard said that NO COUPLE NO OMBAK RINDU . So everyone can watch it . But what people said still can influence me and i spoke to myself "bestnya ada boyfriend boleh tgk OR sama sama " (monolog dalaman) Haha . Shuh shuh nafsu betui .

But its okay , ada pengubat luka ! Which is -

me and lil sis , alyaa , watched PUSS IN BOOTS 3D

Pity me . Just watched PUSS IN BOOTS 3D with my siblings . Haha but who cares ? PUSS IN BOOTS is awesome . Yes it is . Its more about friendship and trust . No trust No friendship . For those who are in the same situation with me (NO BF NO OR) haha you guys shud watch this movie . It can make you cry . Like seriously . 

So im here to promote this film . Rate for this film that given by me is 9/10 =) Awesome to the max ! Tapi film ni tkde buku lah derr :P Hehe but anyways , this film is awesome as me ! =p Im not relli sure if this movie ada lagi dekat panggung but if ada go and watch it ! Sure tk rugi =) GilaPunyaPromote* Huehue :p

Till then guys
Salam =)

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Fendy said...

tp novel tetatp terbaik...hehe