Friday, 9 December 2011

Social Networking , Society && Us


Assalamualaikum guys . How are you today ? I know its kinda late for me to ask about you guys today but who cares ? :P Now its 1224 am already . And only now i wanna update my blog ? Wadehek wadehek ? Who's still awake right now ? Im sorry , maybe its kinda annoying for a blogger like me to update my blog on this time . Okay just blame on me . Why not on the evening nor afternoon ? Because im so blank . I dont have any idea and i totally blank . And the idea just came to me like about an hour ago hehe :P Sorry . So can die one liddis !

Honestly speaking , i relli wanna increase the number of my blog's followers . But how can i increase my followers if i only update my blog on the midnight ? Aish so can die one liddis ! But whtever it is , i still have to be cool , relax and no need to find any short-chuts to rise up the number of my blog's followers like certain bloggers do . 

I just wondering why certain of the bloggers are willingly to force the other bloggers to follow their blog ? Are they not ashamed with their own behaviour that maybe can annoyed the other bloggers ? Tak boleh ke macam tunggu , sabar and biar je followers tu naik sendiri . 

If someone relli want to follow our blog , dia akn follow dgn sendiri . No need to force them to follow our blog . Plus not every bloggers ikut mcm satu undang undang ni . Undang undang apa ?

Okay , we have to understand this . Tak semua bloggers yang jenis ikut cara ni . Hey whats da point of having a blog ? Is solely to have followers ? Blog is not like tumblr guys . If tumblr okay , can do lah kan ? But not for blog . If kita tengok like certain of the bloggers yg memang dah dapat nama in the world of blogging like cik epal , kamal effendi , ben ashaari , fatin liyana and the rest , all of them no need to promote their blog untk tingkatkn traffic or followers they all . But they all hanya update blog they all and post something like everyone boleh terima , baca apa semua and lama lama dgn sendirinya followers akan meningkat . Am i right guys ? So no need to force any bloggers to follow your blog . 

One word for this situation , 

Ofcourse la kan blog kita jd boring sebab followers je ramai tp tk ramai yg berminat nk baca latest post frm us kalau kita update something yang alah boring . Saya mengaku , sometimes i feel so hard sebab kena fikir adakah yg saya akn post ni akn diterima oleh bloggers ? I nid something that can attract people to always open up my blog and baca all the things yang saya update apa semua . But its hard . Yes it is . Sbb tk semua org sama kn ? But whtever it is , just ikut style kita . Try not to force the other bloggers to follow our blog but do something that can attract people to follow our blog :)

Another social networking yang boleh mendatangkn byk masalah adalah FACEBOOK !

Facebook is the one of the main sources that cause problems to people who have or will get married , couples in love , close friends and also artist . Facebook can make people become like err online-addiction maybe ? Even parents pun boleh jadi addicted dengan facebook kan ?

I guess this situation agak fame among the facebookers . Hehe . Including me . Thts why i said that facebook is full with lies . People lie , U lie , I lie , everyone lie and almost all are just lie . I shud bold the world lie right ? Most people misuse facebook until it becomes one of the main sources of human disunity . Its not good for us guys . How come we can get a peaceful life if semua org just mcm nk carik masalah apa semua eh ? Let us close our eyes and think about this . For certain of you guys , benda ni mmg tk penting . Sebab tk kena lg . Cuba kena sekali tgk apa jd . Menggelabah ke tk :P Hehe 

Another problem is hotstuff apa semua !

Act this thing is so annoyed me . Sangat sangat okay ? Hotstuff apa semua . Haih . Kononnya hotstuff ni VVIP dalam facebook lah ? Only orang terpengaruh je boleh friends dgn they all ? Ahh so can die one liddis ! Ada jgk mcm ni . 

Kita semua sama je . Takde yang beza . Even you're driving A BMW car while you're driving kereta Kancil but kamu still manusia and dia juga still manusia kan ? Semua sama je . Bukannya orang bwk kereta BMW tu alien then yang bawak kancil tu manusia bukan ? Yang bawak BMW ke Kancil ke Caldina ke semuanya Hamba Allah Yang Satu bukan ? So we shudnt be too proud with what we have now . 

So let us think about it together lah kan . Dunia pun dah di akhir zaman . Social Networking apa semua hanya something yg boleh seronokkn kita but not as a medium yang boleh rosakkan perpaduan kita . Peace

Till then
Assalamualaikum :)


Ana Muslimah^^ said...

Totally agree dgn entri ni =)

nub said...

terkinja-kinja orang kita, dalam laman sosial lah paling ketaranya