Saturday, 24 March 2012

Wouldnt be the last time ..

Assalamualaikum :)

Its 0250 am already and i still cant sleep here
Alone in my room , accompanied by a good song from Daniel Powter
"Bad day" is always a good song to be heard for me for sho . 
Never get bored with this song .

I was lepaking at Geng Blogger Sengal Corner :)
Always been there when i is on the line . Never get bored with all of them =)
Its almost 3am and ofcourselah everyone is going their bed already 
Unfortunately i'm not in one of that everyone . I'm still here . Still awake and cant sleep
This insomnia disease realli drive me crazy lols

I dont know what i'm going to do now . I is so alone . Sobs*
Fortunately , suddenly i was thinking about those pictures that were captured by my exsch-junior , ekin during the spm result was annouced at my school :)
Thanks ekin for helping me to capture all those picture since i was so busy with le friends , teachers and blablabla hehe . I'd treat you something one fine day . InshAllah . Hehe

Im not gonna write too much in this entry since i quiet blurr now
So i decided to let all those pictures to tell you everything
Well setiap gambar ada lagu kan ? Haha :P

Haha najib (the one whose wearing cap) so busy with his new handphone -.-
He captured about 3 photos of me . Aishh ! 
When i was asking him to stop from capture my photo , he just gimme his smile and blah . K fine Najib fine !

The boys !
All of them are from PA's class , 5 Emerald . Guys congrats for your result ! =)
I cant found any words when i was infront of you guys so wish kt sini pun kila okay la kan ? Eheks ;p
Yesss saya pemalu ! Hohoho :P

Mereka mereka adalah pelajar dari kelas Prinsip Akaun , Sains Sukan , Seni & MPV 
Friends , congrats fr your results k ? :) Dont feel ashamed to hi me when you see me soon k ?
I wont consider you guys as a stranger even we were not in the same class . I'm a good girl baby :P

PA class's babes :)
They are so addicted to camera especially Fadhilah & Amalina ! Lols :p

Okay Najib again -.-
Ekin , r you admire Najib ? Y u kept on capturing his photo ? Lols
Guys , see that boy , the one who wearing dark blue shirt ? He's my good guy friend , from Besut :)
He speaks Kelate for sho . And and he got 7A and 2B in SPM
He was sitting in Lukisan Kejuruteraan's class bt still can excel with flying colours :)
I'm proud of you abe mizi ! Haha :P

Art Class's babes :)
I dont know what the hell duck was those guys did at the hall's door ? 
Aiyoh ! 

Tht chinese boy got an excellent result ! Congrats boiiii ! =)
And budak-budak perempuan yang belah kanan ni tak payah nak tunjuk gangster k ? Taulah uolls dah form 5 tahun ni tapi mata jaga k ? Jgn nk jeling-jeling . Ni kakak pengawas ni lg gangster k ? -.-
Pleasee . Juniors y u no respect yr seniors ?! Urghhh whteverrrrr
Mood - Marah keewwww ? Eheks *sengau*

Chineses are everywhere lols
Thats why my school is called as '1 malaysia school' .
We got Malay , Chinese , Indian , Siamese and Iban :)
Even we're not in Sarawak but we got Iban too here k  ? *proud* :P

See i told ya , chineses are everywhere !
Amoi amoi , apeks apeks , hows yr result eh ? Cant found any chances to hi to each of you
Busy melayan fans :p Hahahaha ! K diam .

To be frank , I'm not a school lover but im sure one day i'd missed all those moment in school
My friends , teachers , enviroments , my prefect team and bla bla bla
I hope , i just hope that 21st March 2012 wouldnt be the last time i came to school :)
One day ill be back school . One fine day ..

Going to miss you ... All of you there .. Thanks for everything :')

p/s : y so sad ?


Bluewendy said...

adik..skolah ne? huhu...

Rapunzel Cikilolo said...

normal feelin' afta result and ready to move for a new place ya...

best memories remain forever :)

Amely Afandi said...

@Bluewendykt tganu :)

Amely Afandi said...

@Rapunzel Cikiloloyeah so true hihi

Cik tikah said...

miss that time so much!

Amely Afandi said...

@Cik tikahhehe