Friday, 2 March 2012

I called it as Best Forever Friends

Assalamualaikum !
Happy Friday guys :)(:

Some people call it as BFF which is means Best Friends Forever . 
But me , i'd like to call it as Best Forever Friends .
Yeah Best Friends Forever for me not as super strong as Best Forever Friends .
For me Best Friends Forever is still cant be guaranteed is that friendship would be last forever
But Best Forever Friends is defined as the friendship will be last forever (by me myself) . Hewhew :p

Me , myself , really thank to God because He gives me alot of good friends even some of them , i know , are just pretending to be good infront of me but act they're not relli sincere to be my friend .
I dont give a shit about it because i know , this is life . We cant never please people to like us . 
Instead of always begging them and willingly do something that you guys dislike solely to get an attention from them , its much better if you guys set in your mind that - if i dont have you as my friend , its a big okay because i still have a lot of people who wanna be my friends outta there . 

I write this entry solely to express my very huge longing to my dearest ex-classmates :( I miss you guys

I miss diz moment so much (Chemistry Lab)
I miss how the way we girls and boys are struggling so hard to understand and memorize each words that given by Puan Aishah . 
I still remember the moment when everyone was really mad to the teacher and started to make a rebellion :p

During Merentas Desa peringkat sekolah . 
I still remember how notty we girls were , sanggup curi air dari rumah biru and lepak-ed at the tiang bola till noon . So hot but we love the tempreture isnt it ? -.-

Lisa's tommy cannot be covered anymore -.-

Exam mood was on ! Haha . 
Asma was stealing the school internet connection but unfortunately the principal is smarter than you haha
Aimi (the specky one) was the most hardworking one if wanna compared to us . Lol

My 17th-Birthday Party . 
So glad because you guys willingly datang dr jauh solely utk smbut my birthday . Touched*

During Raya Eve at school . 
Haha such a great moment when 'our raya' diceriakan lagi w Nazifah's 2 cutty-hamsters .
Such a hilarious when all of us knew that Nazifah bahasakan herself as 'mama' to the abang and kakak
Abang and kakak here are the hamster .
Instead of panggil comel or whtsover , abang and kakak quite intresting jgk :P

Lisa's a.k.a Mek Kelate's Birthday :P
Just relli cant take my eyes off the camera . Being a good camwhore for a while :P
I hate Huda because she made me looks shorter than ever ! Aishhhhehman !
I just cant take my eyes of Lisa's expression with her necklace that given by me :P 

Best guy friends ever .
The left one is Amir . My best guy friend since we were in Standard 6
Such a caring one even sometimes you act-ed is so unpredictable mir .

The right one is Lokman.
Not just the shortest guys in the class but the shortest student in 5 diamond
He's the best guy friend like seriously duhh ;;
Still remember when he tried to pujuk me to teach him English . Awh ! Hahaha

Kiemi Adam , Kiemi Adam , Kiemi Adam with the very adorable little girl who named Isha :')
Both them look very adorable on that night . 
I still remember when Kiemi shout-ed my name then i went to him and he asked me to sit beside him and he told me "babe , i dont have any picture w you"
Then i answered him "I cant shot a picture with a hotstuff haha

psst i miss you a lot kiemi adam !

I was watching So You Think You Can Dance last few days and there's a contestant , i dont know what his name , but he relli looks like you dude . I keep staring on his face because it relli remind me of you . Lol

The awkward moment is when you keep shouting you girls to look at your kamera but they just ignored it because they are busy-ing themselves with the hotdog , money , tudung and etc etc etc -.-

I hate Isha :(
Isha was being so gatal on this night :(
Kejap with Kiemi then kejap dgn Fauzan :(

But big congrats to Fauzan because he was being such a very loving-young-daddy till Isha tknk datang dekat aku . Fauzan so cruel sebab gelak gelakkn amely jst because Isha tknk dtg dkt amely .
Isha y u so gatal ? :P

We are friends and I do like to pass the day with you in serious and inconsequential chatter. I wouldn't mind washing up beside you, dusting beside you, reading the back half of the paper while you read the front. We are friends and I would miss you, do miss you and think of you very often :')

20 days away before our spm's result will be announced . sweating*

p/s : i hate PMS


Cik tikah said...

rindu ex classmate cik tikah gak :(

Amely Afandi said...

@Cik tikahamely rindu classmate je tp tk rndu skola :p

xila riston said...

rindu jgk kwan2 semua kt kl...uhhh

Amely Afandi said...

@xila ristonhuhu :)

Saddila said...

kecik2 dah gatal budak tu? haha

rindu jugak ni :(

Cik Apa Saja said...

time sekolah adalah masa yang sangatttttttttttttttttttttttttttt indahhh :)

Amely Afandi said...

@Saddilaahahah tau tkpe

Amely Afandi said...

@Cik Apa Sajatau tkpeee :D

ZaroL said...

Ohhhh kringggg ! loceng skola bunyi. semua tggu2 loceng ni...masa rehat la, masa kelas abis la. but now...tak dpt nk dgr slalu da loceng tu. miss a lot that memory

Amely Afandi said...

@ZaroLme too dude

SyAfaWaNi ♥‿♥ said...

priceless moments =D
memories never fade..simpan kenangan yang ada ketat2...:)

Anonymous said...

later on I nak jugak masuk post BFF. insyaALLAH. heeeheeee.

Hans said...

semoga kalian semua sentiasa berhubung

Aida Omar said...

banyaknye gambar sudahnya tgk gambar je.. cantik2.. hehe

Amely Afandi said...

@SyAfaWaNi ♥‿♥you right girl :)

Amely Afandi said...

@Anis Najwa Nazarihehe okay ann <3

Amely Afandi said...


Amely Afandi said...

@Aida Omarhehe tu la sbb gmbr hbs entri tk baca :p

fazzlim said...

rime sekolah mmg sgt2 indah...
akn slalu kenang zaman persekolahan :p

Amely Afandi said...

@fazzlimhehe :)