Saturday, 17 March 2012


Assalamualaikum :)

Have you guys heard about Annisa's
Maybe just certain of you yang pernah dengar since Annisa' belum keluar lagi dekat TV . 

I'm not the one yg 24/7 infront of TV because i spend almost of my time infront of my lappy .
So you guys dont have to ask me about this that this that drama . Please dont k ?
Because for sho saya akan blurr && dont even know how to answer your question about those dramas on TV since i'm not really ngam with the tv hehe .

But last 3 days , i was watching a trailer of this drama which really caught my eyes .
Its about 3 adorable and pretty muslimah - Diana Amir , Raja Farah && Sari Yanti .
Im not really sure whether Sari Yanti is one of the hijabers , i mean full time hijabers like DA & RF , or not
but she's one of the actress yang menjayakn this drama , Annisa'

This 13-episode sitcom will be on air every Sunday at 8.30 pm - 9.00 pm 
This drama is about the life of three modern muslimah which asked to take over a cafe of their business partner who moved to Chicago to further her studies .

Lets watch how these three girls who are less experienced in this cafe and business management struggled to manage their lives and at the same time seeking to develop their cafe business , named ANNISA' CAFE :)

This drama promises a range of emotions to the audiences and ofcourse the behavior of three friends who smart , independent && funny in nature will be entertaining the penonton oAl-Hijrah :)

This is the trailer of Annisa' ! Chekidout ! :)

Im pretty sure that this drama will be giving us many good lessons , especially for the muslim girls like us .
This drama should be watched by all of us ! Such a good drama for sho'
Really cant wait for the 1st episode of Annisa' tomorrow ! :)

p/s : raja farah is getting chubbier hehe



yeahh, raja farrah is getting more chubby after she's getting married right? hehe

anissyakirah said...

chubby nye raja farah. tak cam. hehe.

Amely Afandi said...


Amely Afandi said...

@anissyakirahkn ? hehehe

NOOR FATIN said...

malam ni start! nak tengokkk la.. hehehe mst best ;D

Sheqynne Hotloverzs said...

santekk larr sari yanti ..

Amely Afandi said...

@NOOR FATINhehe tau takpa

Amely Afandi said...

@Sheqynne Hotloverzshehe kn ?