Tuesday, 6 March 2012



This is just a simple and short post from me .
Im joining a contest , Hijab with snazzy contest , which been organized by Snazzy Collection
I'm the 72th contestant . So far till today there's 73 contestants .
There are alot of pretty girls there which makes me feel lil bit insecure hehe . Shouldnt be right ?

Since this is my very the 1st time i join ths such contest in facebook , so i'd like to ask for some votes from you guys . Maybe your votes can help me to win this contest hehe :P

Btw these all the contestants -

Bidadari-bidadari cantik ! ;)
They're just too gorgeous you know :)

Feel free to vote for me :)

Bucketloads of thank you for your vote guys !
Wish me luck !

Btw tarikh tutup penyertaan untuk contest ni : 16 march 2012
Tarikh tutup untuk vote : 30 march 2012

p/s : doakan semoga abg amely cpt sembuh ye kwn kwn :')