Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Less than a day..


K tomorrow is the big day for me . 
As everyone knows that tomorrow is 21st March 2012 & my spm result will be announced tomorrow :/
I guess all of you know what is actually playing on my mind kan ?
I do feel anxious , scared and sometimes i do feel like wanna scream to the top of lungs .
I dont have any idea how my result would be tomorrow .

And yes , now ive already remind to myself that no matter how my result is , i've to redha and syukur to Him


I did my best .. Yes that's why i know . I did my best 
I did my best then i kept praying to Allah , asked him to give me the best for my future
And now i've to be ready for anything that would be happened on tomorrow 

To my parents -
Abah mami , i did my very best on last SPM
And im just hoping that tomorrow i'd bring something new in myself and mylife
I wanna see that both you feel so proud of me
I know , how matter how my result is both you'll still love me like before
There's no doubtful on that but its me , myself .. I'm the one who feel so scared if i can give both u something
I know mami abah wont expect something from me but i do expect something from myself to give something which is can make you both feel so delighted in a big time . 
Bt whtever it is , i wanna ask for an apologize if tomorrow ill make you sad or down 
I love you abah mami ! Thanks for everything !

To my classmate (5A/Diamond) -
Friends , thanks for everything . Tht is wht i'd say right now
You guys had share many thing with me . Within those 2 years , all of us learnt many kind of lesson
Either it is a good / a bad one bt we were sharing it all together
Still remember those moments that we shared together . 
I know sometimes we were feel so delighted with our class , teaches and friends even sometimes the awful feel comes to each of us since our class was handled by Teacher Aishah  :p
But no matter how far all of us will be separated soon , this friendship will always in my heart !
I love you diamonds-err ! x

To my teacher -
Teacher Aishah (chemistry + class teacher ) ; Teacher thnks fr everything . I know im so weak in your sub but you was never trying to give up with me or even my friends . You know that half of us dislike you bt you're still like "ada aku kesah?" . Lols . I can see how much you love us teacher and we love you too !

Puan Ribuan (addmath) , Puan Aini (Physic) && Puan Aliza (Biology)
K these 3 sub are absolutely killer sub for me ! :p
No doubt k teachers ? Esp for addmath . Urgh 
But i was thinking and reminding to myself that by hook or by crook i still have to learn yr subs
Puan ribuan , i still love addmath even i know addmath is not for me ;p
Puan Aini , you're my forever favourite teacher ! I feel so anxious now and can i know what kind of energy that im using now ? Issit kinetic energy ? Lols ;p
Puan Aliza , i love biology even i'm not really excellent in this sub . And errrr ok i love you :)

Puan Maizatul (AI) , Sir Nor (English) , Puan Noraini (BM) , Puan Habsah (MATH) , Puan Sakilah (SEJ)-
K all these 5 sub for sho is my fav sub la kn ? 
To 5 of you , thanks alot ! Thanks for the patience , cooperation and etc etc that were given by all of you to us . We know that we're such a naughty student bt when it comes about study , kami akn jd student yg sgt berdedikasi :p Thnks fr everythg ya teachers . 

Me , friends sgt hargai ilmu yg cikgu kasi dkt kami :)

My friends -
Guys thnks fr your support !
You're the best friends ever in my life
Esp geng-geng GBS yg kesengalan dia tak ingt ! ;) You guys are the best !
Korang dah mcm family numb 2 amely dah .
Semua benda amely boleh share dgn korang tanpa rasa malu / segan :p
Salam sayang dari saya untuk 'someone special' di GBS ! ;)

My another half -
Thanks for your endless support love :)
You're the one who always be at myside when i need someone after my family
You're the one who always understand what i want , what i like and what i dislike
Thanks for it ! And ehem , i heart you ! :)

Maafkan jikalau selama ni amely ada buat salah dan silap sama ada secara disengaja / tk sengaja
Amely harap korang dpt maafkan amely :')
Saaaaayyyaaangggggggggg kkoooraaaaaaangggggggg ! :))

Harap harap esok lps dpt result amely akn mcmni tk ? 


Haha suddenly turns to be a lunatic one ! 

p/s : debaran kian dirasai...


Cik tikah said...

all the best amely. semoga dpt keputusan yg tebraik untuk amely!

Amely Afandi said...

@Cik tikahinshAllah . thanks :)

Rapunzel Cikilolo said...

all the best :)

Amely Afandi said...

@Rapunzel Cikilolothanks :)

Syazwan Che Deraman said...

result awak berapa?

Amely Afandi said...

@Syazwan Che Deramanalhamdulillah ok :)

mmz said...

ape mcm results?? =)

Amely Afandi said...

@mmzalhamdulillah :)