Sunday, 25 March 2012

The Agility of UNISEL (Universiti Selangor)

Assalamualaikum :)

Unisel unisel ! Who here is Unisel's student ?
How's Unisel ? :p
Guess what , i have been offered for foundation for Bachelor of Education (Teaching English As A Second Language) at Unisel 

K , i've many friends there . Most of them say 'Oh amely please dont accept this offer please'
Haha then i asked them why ? I just asked them because i dont think that i'm going to accept this offer
Unisel is one of the IPTS right ? Not IPTA kan ? 

Most of my friends in Unisel told me that unisel cekik darah , perabih boreh and blablabla
Haha . It sounds so serious . But still funny thou . They're absolutely not agreed and not supporting me at all to study in Unisel as they asked me to wait for another offer from IPTA 
Chill friends , i wont accept this offer la :)
But it quiet funny how quick Unisel offered us (pelajar lepasan spm) untuk masuk ke tempat dorng ! Hehe

But somehow i still feel glad lah because unisel bg i satu course yang i minat , suka which is TESL
I feel so glad yeah but i dont think that i'm going to accept this offer . Wht do you think guys ? :)
Bt still wanna give a bucketloads of thank you untuk unisel sebab offer me this course la :)

And ,
For those yang lepasan spm yg result tak berapa nak okay , dont worry because unisel only needs 3 credits from you to apply Diploma Programmes :)
There's a lot of course that have been offered by Unisel to all of us . Just choose yg kita minat and bersesuaian and kena dgn kita punya results ok ? :) 
Goodluck guys !

p/s : pissed off with 2 girls . sigh


Nabiel said...

hehehe..biase la tu..biel dlu cmtuh gak..cpt jek anto offer..lalalala.
mne yg cepat tulah,yg tk brape bgus..kena tgk jgak lah kn U mane.nway,Amely..choose course yg rare.yg tk ramai nk buat,sbb skrng nie dah ramai sgt orang pandai2..=)

Cik tikah said...

belajar elok elok yer amely :)

Amely Afandi said...

@Nabielhaa btl2 . setuju2 . sokong2 . ohhh ingt nk ambk pentadbiran awam ke en ? bole smbung ke peguam jgk en biel ? mely dh pening dh

Amely Afandi said...

@Cik tikahhehe thnks CT :)