Saturday, 14 April 2012

Single ladies are more attracted to the married men nowadays ?


Okay this entry is very the so so so so serioussssss one .
Last evening , me and my mum was on the way to our tuition centre 
Then suddenly , there was a quiet enticing topic that issued by my mom which is -

"Someone's hubby is more attractive than the single men nowadays"

Okay , i'd realize about this thing before but i didnt take this matter seriously as i think it wont be happened continously but then nowadays , it's like a new trend that a single lady more attracted with the married man .

I've often heard about "sugardaddy" or maybe "concubine" before .
But i was too young to understand with what the meaning of those word on that time
So i assumed that those things are normal and i didnt have to take them seriously

But nowadays , i often heard that there are quiet a big numb of single ladies who are more attracted to the married man . Omg . Why it happens ? It scares me like seriously .
Amir , can you be loyal to me when we're already married soon ? Just me ? Lol =p 
(Question banned . Really out of topic =p )

Okay let's back to the point ,
Okay i'll give you an example . Errmm like ... Okayy

Eg :
One day , you're at any shopping complex , alone . And all of sudden , you see your father's friend is there but not with your mother's friend but he is with someone else , who might be a stranger for you . You had never seen her before at your friend's house or either at any parties of your friend . Your father's friend and that young lady are cuddling intimately or maybe they are shopping ? Then what would be on your mind on that time ? Then you found out that the lady is still single and she's not your cousin's friend or maybe anyone that related to your friend . 

Okay , that's what i mean .
A single lady , who is in a relationship or maybe i can say in a "secret-relationship" , with a married man .

Ohh i dont want to discuss about this matter seriously because my words might wound anyone who is currently reading this entry hehe sorry . I dont have any intention to hurt anyone here with my words but yeah , you know guys , this matter is getting serious and i know no one here want their father is in a any "secret-relationship" with any stranger girl outta there isn't it ?

But what i gonna ask you now is - Why there are alot of single ladies are willingly to be with the one , i mean guy , who is someone's hubby already ? Why not they just be with any guys who are single and desperately seeking for any ladies to be their wives ? 

Now , let us open a big table , have some cakes , tea or any hot drinks and discuss about this matter ?
Hehehe sounds so serious isnt it ? Nevermind . Ill find it the answer alone *sobs*

I dont know what's on your mind now friends
But this is some of my own point of view / factor  , why there are alot of single ladies nowadays are more attracted to the married men .

1st - TRAUMA
Lol . I dont know why this 'trauma' word is on my mind now but i think it is one of the factor why young and single lady nowadays is more love to be with someone who is already married . Yeah maybe that girl had been in alot of relationship with many single guys but eventually all of the relationship were failed and didnt last longer and the lady is too sick and eery or maybe TRAUMA to be in a relationship with any single guy anymore ? Make sense or not ? Huehue =p

Ohyeahhh , nowadays there are alot of smart ladies out there . I repeat , SMART LADIES . Ofcourse , the one who is so smart will act like a smart one isnt it ? I didnt say that ALL THE SMART LADIES but i'm pretty sure that majority of the smart ladies have a matured behavior too . So ofcourse , they wouldnt find or want the one who is so not matured to be their husband right ? Yeah i can see that there are alot of single guy who are matured but there are more more more alot of single guy who didnt as matured as what women want . So these kind of single ladies , who really loves the ones who are so matured , will more attracted to someone's hubby as this group of men are indeed matured . So all the jejaka-jejaka idaman malaya , if you wanna get married with a smart lady , so u have to be matured and please leave some of your so childish behaviour okay ? =p Hehehe

Okay , this is the most intresting one . I know , most of the smart ladies (not in educational matters as in the 2nd factor above but ehem ehem .. bijak nak hidup =p ) will find the one who have alot of $$$$ and can guaranteed them a very very comfy and better life ahead . They ( ladies ) will more to think bout how they can get the $$$ to shopping or maybe can a get a very fancy car , house , jewelery , branded handbags , shoes , clothes and etc etc etc etc etc . They know , not all the single guys can give these kind of thing to them as the single guys' life are not really stable as the married men . They know , the married one is already have a very stable life and can give them what they want / need . This is so so so make sense right ? =p

Aaaaaa i dont want to give much comment on this factor . But yeah maybe , they , themselves who are intrested to the married men . Not because the married men have a very stable life , $$$ and blablabla but it's already likes a nature that they're intrested with the old men / married men . Faints* Okay , it's all up to them lah kn because it is their interest but for me it's kinda weird because heyyy there are alot of handsome + single guys outta there but your eyes is more fascinated to the married one ? Om om om :3

Somehow , i feel so pity to anyone's wife who just found out or already found that but buat buat dunno that  that that that oh so many that , okay that their hubby are in a relationship with any girls outta there . Their life might became quiet complicated after found out the truth . But anyhow , life goes on . I know it hurts but it more hurts if you just stay at the same place and didnt do anything that might can help you to get a better life ahead even your heart is already broken into the pieces . Live your life back with all the pieces . Make alots of doa , note this please ; doa orang yang teraniaya sangatlah Allah dengar dan makbulkan inshAllah , and keep sabar and sabar and sabar . Sabar separuh daripada iman . Setiap yang terjadi ada hikmahnya dan semestinya hikmah itu adalah akan menjadikan hidup anda lebih baik dr hari semalam . InshAllah . Trust me , one fine day , all of it will  get back to normal and you can have your life back . Dont give up . Sentiasalah menjadi optimistik and paling penting sentiasala bersangka baik dengan Allah .

Dalam sebuah hadith ada mengatakan -

"Dari Jabir berkata: Bersabda Rasulullah saw, Janganlah sekali-kali kamu mati kecuali dalam keadaan berprasangka baik terhadap Allah, sesungguhnya terdapat satu kaum dibinasakan kerana telah berprasangka buruk terhadap Allah Azza Wajall (sebagaimana firman Allah) "Dan yang demikian itu adalah prasangkamu yang telah kamu sangka terhadap Tuhanmu, prasangka itu telah membinasakan dirimu, maka jadilah kamu termasuk orang-orang yang merugi".

Ohhhhh man , me is just giving advices to the those who are already married ?! Amely , you're still young -,- Lol . But who says me cant give advices to them ? Ofcourse i can =p Trolololo =p  Aiy aiy captain ! Kbai .

p/s : I want to be a very good pakar motivasi one day . Ouch ouch ouch 


Mummy Adriana said...

i never had a sugardaddy before because i became the sugar mummy! hahahahahha LOL :P

وان امالينه فاذياه said...

@Mummy Adrianahahahaha awwww no wonder la u look as sweet as me . eh nonono im sweet-er :p

Mummy Adriana said...

hahahaha kasik ruang la dia puji diri dia tu....:P

Muhamad Azam said...

argh!! pompuan... lelaki single tanak!! Dah laa.. tengok jer la kalau alien ajijah kena kutok semua pompuan backup dia.. sedangkan bini dia selamba aje~~

syamsid dhuha said...

well maybe some people called "jodoh ditangan tuhan " . i think something we must know that "trust people only for trust people "

so people know how to decide which is good or bad . every person have different character maybe the bad changed to GOOD person after the married , who knows right? hehe

nice amely . looking forward for your next post. arigatou

وان امالينه فاذياه said...

@Mummy Adrianaofcourse lerr =p

وان امالينه فاذياه said...

@Muhamad Azamhaha erk sabaq jam

وان امالينه فاذياه said...

@syamsid dhuhayeah you got it right syamsid :) positive thnking . always hehe thankyou ya !