Friday, 20 April 2012

Rahsia Di Sebalik Solat

Assalamualaikum ! (Tk jwb dosa tau)

Amely just designed a picture 
It's for sharing . Just share if you want
If you think that this picture will give you and our muslim brothers and sisters many benefits , just share it
If you think in other way its okay , i wont harm you :)

I'm sorry if this picture looks aint cool or eye-catchy :(
To be frank , i'm not good in design stuff and whatsoever 
Sorryyy sorrryy 
But i hope this picture will give us a new knowledge about solat

Yang dah tahu takpe , tak salah kalau baca semula
Yang belum tahu , sama-samala kita baca & tahu apa rahsia di sebalik solat yang selalu kita buat dalam kehidupan harian kita :))

I'm looking foward to design more pictures soon
InshAllah ..

p/s : let us make alots of du'a for Bob Kuman..


Mummy Adriana said...

Thanks for the info :) sangat berguna bagi kita yang jahil nie :)

وان امالينه فاذياه said...

@Mummy Adriana:) hehe sama sama

ஜ miss klanika ஜ said...

nice sharing.. boleh membuka hati sesiapa yg mmbaca ^^

وان امالينه فاذياه said...

@ஜ miss klanika ஜinshAllah :)

ReeneeRaaid said...

Assalamualaikum Amely,

I would like to invite you to participate in my 1st ever giveaway contest. Many thanks for your participation and kind support. I appreciate it very much. More details:

وان امالينه فاذياه said...

@ReeneeRaaidawww would love too :) thnks sis :)

Roxy's said...

very nice dear :)

وان امالينه فاذياه said...

@Roxy'sthanks :)