Friday, 6 April 2012

My video is now on YouTube ! A talk about Hijab by me :)

Assalamualaikum !!

Another late random post by me
This is just a short and simple post because i dont have much things to say on this

By the way guys ,
I'd just created another video .
If before this , i'd created a hijab tutorial video . 
But i think its more nice if i make a video which is more to advices , errr whts more ?
I'm so blank now but what i want to convey here is more about hijab , muslimah , islam .

Yes , make a hijab tuto is a good thing .
Because we can slowly invite many muslim sisters to wear hijab even they wear hijab merely because of the fashion . Its okay because one day , inshAllah , one day their heart will be opened sincerely to wear hijab Amin 


I'd like to make a confession here
I created this video is not solely to get an attention / fame . No . I dont need them in my life
But my intention here is to introduce to all the Muslim , how beauty the Islam is :)
By wearing hijab , we can get many benefits . And ofcourse we can run ourselves from doing 1 sin which is showing off something to the lelaki yang bukan mahram kita .
Aurat is our priority . We really have to take a very good care about our Aurat
We can go to anywhere that we want . We can do anythg that we love
But remember this , when it comes about Aurat , we cant take easily on it .
Note that Muslim Sisters !

Covering our hair which is one of the aurat , is not because our parents ask us to do so 
But tu arahan Allah and siapa kita untuk mempertikaikan perintah dan arahan Allah ?

Manusia skrg meletakkan hukum manusia di atas dan hukum Allah di bawah 
Sigh . Lets think about this ...

By the way , i'd to apologise for the very weak sound system from this video
And there's certain part i can hear that my voice is quite down but i hope you guys can open up the volume of your pc / lappy to the max :P hehe . Sorry for this


And and and , if you guys can obviously see how nervous i am thru my voice / memek muka im so sorry because yeah this is my 1st time i buat video yang berkaitan dengan talk .

My bestie , Anis Najwa Nazari , told me that i was looking like err debating in this video :p
Yeah i'm one of a debaters in my high school so maybe the debating styles terbawak bawak hehe 
Sorry yeah if terlampau bersemangat  hehehe

I know i've to be ready to get any feedbacks from all of you
Wether its a positive or negative feeback , i still have to accept it because im the one who wanna do this
So apa apa pun comment from all of you , i akan terima dgn hati yg sgt terbuka and i akan set dalam mind i yang segala apa yg orang cakap adalah garis panduan untuk i terus membuat sesuatu yang lebih baik untuk agama ini . InshAllah .

p/s : bak kata Nabiel Faan , yang penting niat tu kena betul :)


ANN said...

terhaghu :D

Amely Afandi said...

@ANNbluek ;p

Cik tikah said...

wow! awesome :)

Amely Afandi said...

@Cik tikahthanks ! hehe

afzalsukasuki said...

comel la awak..bukan..bukan awk yg cakap2 tu.awk..kusi blakang aww kahkahkah :D

nice :)

Amely Afandi said...

@afzalsukasukiahaha yelah mel mana comel

KorN said...

nice to share... kagum ng amely

Amely Afandi said...

@KorNalhamdulillah . thanks korn :)

Mummy Adriana said...

cantik seh maya karin..ag2 ckp chumel je sore dia...kehkeh! eh tgk amely suke nau pashmina nie? nmpk most of the gambar pon wore this pashmina kan?>

faizlaster said...

saye bangge jadik rakyat ganu :D

Azhafizah[フィザ] said...

wahh..On video suda..Good job Amely ^_^

Amely Afandi said...

@Mummy Adrianamummy !! haha mummy mmg tk penat pnggl kita maya karin en ? aish ;p yes sbb ni abah kasi abah beli =p

Amely Afandi said...

@faizlasterhaha saya pom =p

Amely Afandi said...

@Azhafizah[フィザ]thanks sis hehe

Mummy Adriana said...

@Amely Afandi

tak penat pon...suke ar...kehkeh! no wonder sik pakai yg ini ajew :P

Amely Afandi said...

@Mummy Adrianamami nakal ! =p hehe tau tkpe

♥AieN ChoiN♥ said...

Thanks Amely for sharing..... :)

zulhilmi tempoyak said...

xblaja pon... xde tudung nk try..
ngendap tgok je la...

kiut gak kn..
wah... bleh ngorat ni.. ;p

Amely Afandi said...

@♥AieN ChoiN♥hehe sure sis :)

Amely Afandi said...

@zulhilmi tempoyakhaha gedik =p

Muhamad Azam said...

Minah Chewing Gum gua jenguk blog kauuuu ekeke

Amely Afandi said...

@Muhamad Azamhaha kuang jaq !