Thursday, 19 April 2012

Spontaneous Thursday - Dear boys , any comment about this ?

So , dear boys out there ,
Are you willingly to do this ?

p/s : dear my husband-to-be , please do this to my abah =p


afzalsukasuki said...

kang abah cakap 'yes i do' sambil sarung cincin kat tgn dia :D

Cik tikah said...

ok, this is cool :D

وان امالينه فاذياه said...

@afzalsukasukihahaha amboiii abahhhh hahaha

وان امالينه فاذياه said...

@Cik tikahi knw right =p

Mummy Adriana said... da bau2 je nasi minyak dak amely nie? :P

وان امالينه فاذياه said...

@Mummy Adrianahoho lambat lg mummy oits =p