Monday, 23 April 2012

The pretty ReeneeRaaid APRILOVE Giveaway Contest :)

Assalamualaikum !

Ohh , its been awhile huh guys ? :)
I is very the lazy to update my blog you know
There's alot of thing that need to be settled down . So i dont have much time on my blog
Except for facebook and twitter =p Ops !
But there's someone who just made me feel so enthusiastic to update my blog . Huehue =p

And , she is ReeneeRaaid :)) *ehem , i should thank you for this lah* =p

I think it's kinda a long time kot i didnt join any blog contest . 
So today , atlast , im gonna join a contest which organized by sis ReeneeRaaid :)

It's so easy to join her contest . Just follow the instructions then just wait for the result
Ehem , fuhhhhhh hopefully i can win this contest =p I'd never won any contest before :(
Pityyy me . Sobsob
Oh nah , just won once before but unfortunately , i didnt receive any presents 
That blogger was missing to somewhere that i dont know where . Lol
But it's okay . Past is past . Now lets focus on this contest ! Yipppiii ! :))

Just click on the banner to go to the contest :)

So now , lets answer all the question that have been prepared by sis ReeneeRaaid :)

1st question :

ReeneeRaaid When is my wedding anniversary?
Amely : 17th April 2010 is the date of reeneeraaid's wedding ceremony so the weeding annivesary is ofcourse 17th April :) 

2nd question :

ReeneeRaaidWhen is my birthday and Che Abe's birthday?
Amely : 19th April !! *both you shared the same date of birth !!! :)) So sweet :')

Last question : 

ReeneeRaaid How do you know about this contest? (State his/ her blog link- If you're a new follower, and also state if you're already one of my 134 existing followers)

Amely : I knw about this contest throu sis reenee , herself :) She the one who invited me to join her contest . And im so proud because she invited me by herself to join her contest . I didnt know about this contest throu anyone else . I'm so proud and lil bit touched too =p And sis reeneraaid , yes i'm one of your followers . Or i can say that i'm one of yours loyal follower =p Always read your blog , anytime you update yours . And inshAllah , jika umur panjang , ill always read your blog . Hehe :)

So to sis ReeneRaid , thanks for inviting me to join your contest :) I feel so glad with this . Hehe 
I might be the last person who wish you this but i still wanna wish you -

Happy Belated Birthday to both you , Sis Reene and hubby (che abe)
May Allah bless you , panjang umur , murahkan rezeki both you and and and happy 2 years and 6 days annivesarry too :) Semoga your marriage is everlasting and forever till Jannah . InshAllah . 
And may you can graduate in Master's Degree in Psychology , get a job , to get pregnant with twins , be a great mom , get the golden chance to perform Hajji in Mecca and so on :)
My doa always follows both you , sis and che abe :)
Amin Ya Rabbal Alamin :)

p/s : who wanna be one of the 2 lucky winners and get a souvenirs which come all the way from US , lai lai join this contest ! :)

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