Monday, 4 June 2012

I'm the birthday girl & I Love Hijab Campaign


Btw , 1st of all i'd like to say bucketloads of thankyou for those sahabat who wished "Happy Birthday" to me on my special day which was on last 1st June . Alhamdulillah , now i'm offiicialy 18
Kinda proud to be 18's hehe . Feel like i'm a big girl already thou actually not =p

The first thing that i felt when i realise that i'm already 18 is ... Oh how time flies :')
I still can vividly remember those moments when i was 6 , 12 , 14 , 17 and now Im 18
Alhamdulillah . Me myself still given the oppurtunity to live on this beautiful earth , make alots of good deeds , deens , appriciate everything in my life and the most is ,
 still giving the oppurtinity to sujud to Allah on the sajadah
Alhamdulillah =)

Another a month left before i'm going to continue my study 
Woahh i'm a mahasiswi-to-be . A very good one maybe ? Hikhik inshAllah .
Thanks to MARA . Alhamdulillah . 
Senyum melebar bila terima tawaran MARA :)
Hello KPM , we will meet soon . Very soon :) Please treat me nicely
InshAllah , in 3 years time , ill be the 1st kid of my parents that can fly to overseas to continue my study
InshAllah .. Amin :) Pray for me ya guys

InshAllah , ill keep istiqamah to be a good daughter , a good one :)
A good student soon . A good student to my lecturers , a good friend to my new sahabat 
InshAllah one day ... A good wife and a good mother .... Uwaaaa dia dah start dah =p Hikhik
*Suka berangan pasal kahwin , suami , anak . Dush*

So ,

Oh btw , i just blogwalking at Shea Rosli's blog and i found something on her blog
It kinda looks like an I love Hijab campaign . It's not a campaign but quiet similar like a campaign
Aaaaaaaa , okay let me show you something

Haa can u see that I LOVE HIJAB on my picture ?
That's what i mean by i love hijab campaign :)
One of the way for us to show the appriciation on the hijab and how much our love towards hijab is :)

Kindly download this picture and paste it on your picture
Do it if you supporting this thing lah =) 
We , including Shea , didnt force you . Winks*


syamsid dhuha said...

wah happy birthday amely sorry for the late because i didnt know ur birtday date ngee. once again happy 18.

" ill be the 1st kid of my parents that can fly to overseas "

that you need is passions if you have that kind of things your wishes may come true insya-allah

lastly from me --> maybe someday your gonna make ur own HIjab bussiness haha


وان امالينه فاذياه said...

@syamsid dhuhahahaha gila terbaik wish you

thanks , inshAllah :)

ChEnTA LiEYza said...

woooww... epy bday...=)

وان امالينه فاذياه said...

@ChEnTA LiEYzathanks :)