Monday, 11 June 2012

Kids , Photography . This is so out of the blue


Okay , im getting diligent to update my blog lately but getting lazier to ping it
Should i ping each entry that posted by me ?
Hello , saya sedar diri . I'm not Fatin Liyana , Maria Elena or maybe Hanis Zalikha who doesnt need to ping their entry at any blog's group on facebook sebab dah ramai sgt menunggu depa update blog depa hehe
Btw , it kinda a long time i didnt pampered myself with my Nikon .
How pity my baby Nikon which just stay under my bed for a kinda long time .
My baby Nikon was so dusty after i took it out of from it . Hehehe sorry !

In my previous post , i love kids & kids are for me , i have been mentioned to you guys that i went to Besut with my mummy and my lil sis , who was skipping her sch , merely to follow us to go to Besut -.-
My mummy has been appointed as one of the judges for the Action Song Competition peringkat Negeri Terengganu . If you wanna know more details about the competition , please kindly click at the link given ;)

In that post , i have also been mentioned that i'm going to post a few pictures that taken by me
I'm not a pro one . Im just a girl who really adores photography and stuff blablabla but never thought to be a serious photographer one day . Lol .
Thanks to my dad .. He knows i love photography so much that's why he bought me this Nikon
I have never asked him to buy me a Nikon but okay , this is what i called 'rezeki'
Alhamdulillah :)

So so so , lets view each picture that taken by me . Sorry sorry sorry if sangat merosakkan mood anda haha

Lol make up . Kids and make up =p Hehehe no comment

Hulu Terengganu :) I cant remember the team from Hulu Terengganu dapat number berapa :/ 

Haha i have never wear that such things on my head . ya Allah , tak berat ke dik ? Teringin pulak akak =p
Haha comel 

Abang abang nelayan . If pakcik is fisherman , so these kids will be fisherboy ? Lol

I dont know what was on her mind this time .. Mesti tension sebab muka kena tepek dengan make-up and benda kelip kelip kilat kilat tu . Haha . Macam nak gelak pun ada . Kejamnya ang amely -.-

Awww fairy baby with the pink cute boom lil butterfly on her back :D

Okay , adik , when you're growing up soon , you'll find out that you're one of the handsome guy in Terengganu . Why you so young ? Cis . Hampeh . Haha

Aww the judges , my mum is in the middle ;)

Awuwuwuwuwu . This adik is so beautiful . Masha Allah . With the make up , accesories , baju . 
Kakak tak berpeluang tau pakai macam gini ! Haha

Sekali pandang macam amoi . Adakah amoi ? Eh memang amoi pun kan ? Eh ke tak ? Eh ye ? Ohh . Haa bukan amoi ? Okay ingat amoi . Lah amoi ke ? Haa tak pulak . Adududu

Atototo handsome boys . Yang sorang tu pandang and maybe dia nak kata "Wassup kak? Y u so snap my picture alone ?" Lol . Comel comel :)

Semangat tu penting . Kalau Malaysia boleh , kita pun boleh . Haha =p

Okay seriously , this lil girl sangat cantik .Fullstop

Awww kakak bumi kakak bumi . Save our heart my awesome people . Our earth is already old to accommodate all our dosa :( Lets make our earth smiles back with doing many good deeds and upload more more more pahala :) InshAllah ..

This one pun comel ! Look at her teeth . Comel gila XD

Okay , done with those pictures dari adik adik comel yang participated in this competition
Now , gambar my lil sis with her new friend :) I cant remember your name :(
What's your name again ? 

My adik is the freehair one while her new friend , daughter to my mum's friend who was also one of the judges , is the one yg pakai blue scarf :)

Chekidautz !

Okay , that's all ..
I dont even have a picture of mine this time :(  Adududu
Btw , picture + editing semua dibuat oleh diri sendiri
Sangatlah buruk isnt it ? Vintage lah sangat tapi tak jadi . Trololo =p

Happy Monday guys
To adik adik yang dah masuk sekolah afta 2 weeks bercanda dirumah , selamat berjuang
Yang kerja , selamat bekerja
Yang masih duduk rumah goyang kaki , selamat bergoyang (perli diri sendiri memang best)

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