Sunday, 10 June 2012


1. They don’t carry around as much drama, & if they do, it’s normally at a minimum. Plus, they tend to want to stay out & away from it anyway.

2. You can talk to them about almost anything & you can trust them with more personal things, & best believe they judge a LOT less harshly than girls tend to do about other girls.

3. They tend to listen a little better when you vent. Sometimes, they even give you a little better advice, because they see things from a guys point of view, not the point of view from “the bestfriend of the victim.”

4. They really do know the sweetest ways to cheer a girl up & make her smile, especially if they’re a bestfriend/brother type figure.

5. They won’t bother sharing your secrets with other girls, because they know it’s your personal business & they’d rather not get in the middle of it anyway.

6. They’ll be completely honest, & they’ll love & protect you like a little sister. & if some jerk ever decides to play you or break your heart, they won’t just tell you “He’s a jerk, forget about him.” Best believe they’ll kick his freakin’ ass to back it up.

7. If you & some other girl are having an argument, even if you hate each other; he won’t take sides. He’ll still treat you both equally, despite what he’s heard.

8. They’re always down to just kick it, & they have the most interesting stories about relationships & embarrassing moments. Trust. (x Not to mention:
Boy’s point of view = great relationship advice.

9. They won’t over-analyze what you say & turn it into some ridiculously bitchy-sounding comment when that’s not what it was supposed to be to begin with.

10. and lastly, theyll be there for you always, one text away.

Tuan tanah yg obvious pipi makin mengembang sejak duduk rumah je . Haihh

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