Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Abah & Mami , You're Number 1 For Me :)


Its been awhile huh ? :)
I'm quiet lazy to update my blog now since my mood lately is so up and down
But ill try to update my blog soon
I wont let my blog berhabuk semua . Ohh , if malas sangat why not just tutup blog je kn ?
Lol , itu sangat kejam amely 

Btw , currently one of the best tune in my head is a song from Maher Zain which entittled You're Number 1 for me . It such a great song . Yeah it is
Maher Zain will never dissapointing us with all his songs
Very meaningful and very the soothing ofcourse !

This song i dedicated to my parents , Wan Afandi bin Wan Othman & Anis Ruwina Bt Mohd Yusof

Though this song is dedicated to someone who named mom , but for me , my numb 1 is always my parents
Both of them are my number 1 
Allah & Rasulullah will be the premier but my parents will always be the numb 1 for me :)

InshAllah , ill be a good good daughter for both you
Ill make you feel so proud for having a pretty , good and kind daughter like me . Hakhak *gelakhbssenonoh*
InshAllah . Restu dan doa kalian yg plg saya perlukan :)

Abah & Mami ,
You're number 1 for me :)
I love you so much !!! :)

p/s : when u'll be my number 1 ? ;)


Anonymous said...

Ibu dengan ayah saya pun number 1 jugak ;) By the way, saya suka gila lagu Maher Zain yg baru ni. Tsk.

Mummy Adriana said...

i love my mum and dad too :)