Friday, 3 August 2012

Debating is part of my life



Alhamdulillah , finally i got this chance to update my blog . Another chances i reckon
In this post , im gonna share with you sahabat about something which is part of my life
It is debating . Yeah as stated above .
Debating is literally part of my life . Ive been debating since i was in high school
When i was in primary school , i represented my school in story telling competition
Then when i was in high school , ive upgraded myself hehe .
I represented my high school in debate , specifically British Parlimentary , then theater which i rolled as Puteri Gunung Ledang *uweks* , and ofcourse , pidato :)

Frankly speaking , im the one who always have the eager to speak infront of the crowded , to hold the mic , to lead any team , i dont know why but im just being me .
Aqila Sumali , a best best friend of mine in college , has told me that im such a competitive person
My english lect , Sir Syikri , he told me that im such an argumentative person
And in debating , we need those aspects which are argumentative and competitive .
I wasnt forcing myself to build those such of attitude in myself but it came out itself
Ive never put those things in my soul but you know , it such a strong connection with my soul ;p
I dont even have to force them to come into myself and get connected with my soul muehehe

Okay , let me tell you a bit about debating stuff and so on and so forth
So basically , debating is a place where you can let out all your ideas and opinions on any motions
For instance , "This house believed that Malaysia should legalized prostitutions"

So when you are given this motion , the first thing that you must do - UNDERSTAND THE MOTION
Yeah , basically it just like that . Then we have to build up the case , clarify the motion and blablabla
Since i was in high school and till now , in college i mean , i'm the second speaker
Yeah even know , im still the second speaker

Role of second speaker -
1st , introduce ourselves haha :p
2nd , do some rebuttal . We have to rebut the 1st point that given by the opposition/goverment leader
3rd , give out our 2 points
4th , chow :p

Hehe . It maybe looks easy for you .
Yeah but then soon if you're in my place , you'll know how hard it is when we have to brainstorming to get a very strong points which maybe cannot be POI's my the other team haha
The most awesome part in debating is when we have to give the POI
Dunno what is POI ? Wanna know what is POI ? Google :p

In debating , we have to be harsh .
Yeah most of the time , we have to be harsh
Technically , debating needs us to be harsh
Whether in a polite harsh haha or maybe a very harshy harsh :p

Debating is part of my life
Bucketloads of thankyou to all of debaters who always made my day
Arif , syahmi , aggrawr , salimi , sanjay , inteam , neville , luna , nerd , kpop , cramp , tomato , hunny , jb , priya , stooner , don , kak shasha , kak fadzillah , muiz , and all of them
Oh btw , names which stated above are not all the debaters real name hehe , it's INDAKS NAME :p
Mine is marina -.-

Peace out yo

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Mong Ra said...

salam. wah debater tu. sy dulu masuk debat bhasa melayu je. hehe.
semua debater mmg kena strict kan. :)
nice sharing.