Saturday, 25 August 2012

Allah has a bigger plan for you :') La Tahzan ..


1st of all , alhamdulillah , im still here and Allah still gives me the chance to live and enjoy my life which i prayed will always showered with His Barakah . InshAllah Ta'ala ..

I rarely update my blog now . As you guys now , im kind off busy with my study .
Alhamdulillah , life as a student is okay . Even though it becomes more hectic , demand than usual but this is the another level or step in my life that i have to been through .

So lets go through chapter by chapter :)

Whatssup with my university life ?
Uitm Dungun is an awesome place . Perhaps many of you heard that Dungun is boring , dungun has nothing , dungun is lopek and so on and so forth , but trust me , once you live in Dungun , you will find out that Dungun is a small town which full with clamness and you will love the calmness . Uitm Dungun is literally infront of the beach . So yeah , people , those who especially from west will say that "i love Dungun" . Lol . So that is for university . For the course that i'm taking now , so far Alhamdulillah , everything is still under cover and all i hope for this semester 1 is dean's list . That's what im gonna give to my parents . InshAllah Ta'ala :)
Debate team ? So far , the nearest tournament is British Parlimentary which will be held at Serdang on 7th-9th September , im sorry because i cant remember the specific place but yeah it literally situated in Serdang .
What i kinda hate is the cocuriculum activity :/ I mean , Kesatria . I'm the one who people can might see as a kind off active one but then i dislike kawad . Thats me . Im an active person but i hate kawad . Kawad is not for me . Every Monday evening , with the wrinkled-face , ill walk to the dataran and berkawad till 7pm . And yeah , i try to fall in love with it but im failed .

Love life ?
Let me focus on myself first before im giving my focus to somebody else . I do plan , yes , i do plan and in the same time i know that Allah is already planned something for me and for sure , His plan is the best . So i just go with the flow , keep praying , wont stop making du'a and guess what , experiences is the best teacher ever . Those bad things which happened to my life is a bit makes me down but im still grateful because from that i know that Allah loves me and Allah wants to protect myself from being hurt again and again and again . I already put a stop and i realized what i have done before and it was totally wrong so i hope its still not too late for me to u-turn and turn back to the right path . Inallahmaana :')

Eid Mubarak ?
Alhamdulillah , i celebrated this 1433H eid mubarak in Negeri Sembilan , specifically in Tampin . Been there for 3 days and 2 nights . Reached there during people was busy ber-marhaban from house to house ! Ops hehe . And alhamdulillah , rezeki tahun ni berlipat kali ganda , compared to last year even though im getting older but duit raya getting masyuk bro :p Alhamdulillah .

Ramadhan ?
Alamak , it supposed to be Ramadhan first then Eid Mubarak isnt it ? Hehe . My bad . Im sorry . Alhamdulillah , 1st year , i was fasting as an university's student . And yeah there were alot of differences if wanna compared to the previous Ramadhan with my family . This year , i have to prepare everything by my ownself . And yes , about the food . The food might not be as delicious as my mom's cooking but still alhamdulillah . It was an experience . Iftar with my friends and sometimes was iftar alone . A bit sad but thats all experiences isnt it ?

I dont have much things to write and saya menulis semata mata takmau kasi blog ini terkubur :p
So guys , jaga diri and i think its not to late to wish happy eid mubarak , forgive all my wrongdoings and yeah 0-0 okay ? :p

P/s : Pray for me guys :')

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semoga berjy. :D